Mobile gaming has really evolved over the past number of years and today our smartphones are just a powerful as an Xbox or even a Playstation. More power is still to come with the next generation of processors set to take mobile gaming beyond simple touchscreen games. Even casino games are making onto our mobile screens and you can check out the best online gambling reviews for Canadian gamers and see just how mobile technology is impacting on this multi-million dollar industry. Video slots are the big thing and these themed games look amazing on mobile devices. Developers are working hard to create mobile games that meet the growing demand for real handheld gaming and we want to tell you about four awesome games that will change your smartphone into a mobile gamepad and show you what real mobile gaming can be.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars This game is available on a lot of gaming consoles and is also available for the iPhone. The iPhone mobile version of this game is on par with the other console releases and the graphics are amazing. It looks incredible on the touch screen and all the controls you need to move your car around are found on-screen. The price is a lot lower than that of its console counterparts and the 3D isometric viewpoint doesn’t take away from the familiar GTA feel. This means that fans of the console game won’t find this mobile version lacking.

Fifa 10 is a full featured iPhone game that includes some additional modes that you won’t find on consoles. Included in the package is quick match, season play, Be a Pro mode, Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, and over 500 playable team. The controls are on-screen and consist of a virtual joystick and two button and these work amazingly well. The eight way control stick gives you everything you need to make your players perform quick turns and evasive moves. EA games has been updating this title since its release and tackling any bugs that crop up ensuring that it has fast become one of the best soccer mobile games around.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies When it was introduced on consoles, the Nazie Zombie mode was a huge hit and the release of this game on the app store did come with a lot of anticipation. This game features bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and online multiplayer. The tilt-based control scheme is a must for aiming and once you master it, you will have the most console like experience any mobile game could ever provide.

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles was one of the first console style games to be released for mobile gamers and it has been a huge success. The game isn’t open world and most of the levels are designed to be played left to right like a sidescroller, but the game is fully 3D and looks amazing. You have the use of an on-screen virtual joystick that is used to navigate Altair. AC’s timing based battle system is also included and we can assure you, that this mobile gaming experience will impress everyone including console game lovers.

With all the amazing games available, there is no need to buy a dedicated gamepad for your smartphone. You can enjoy real console style gaming on your mobile and these games are set to get better and better as technology advances. If you enjoy mobile gaming without having to download anything there are plenty of Canadian casino games with no download required that you can look at. Mobile technology is advancing all the time and new games are being developed to meet with the demand for better mobile gaming for everyone.