Regardless of your fantasies, interests or gaming level you’ll find dozens of new releases this month. The games are available through direct purchase, at apps stores at online gaming sites and as free online games.  

You can read the initial reviews to find games that meet your individual needs and tastes. Alternately you can simply try out some of the new games to determine which game is the best one for you.

Types of Games 

There are different types of games, each with its own theme and playing level. Some game types include the following:

  • Simulation Games – Simulation games involve taking control of three-dimensional vehicles such as ships, cars, plane and tanks and using them to achieve the game’s goals. You control the vehicles with your mouse, touchscreen navigational tools or joystick. These games are incredibly realistic – in fact, people in the military and even pilots get their initial training through such simulation games.
  • Multi-player Games – a group of players meets on the internet or over a local area network (LAN) in multi-player games. This gives you the chance to play against players from around the world. Some of these games involve simple online slots while others offer more challenges and interactive engagement.
  • Puzzle Games – you can compete against yourself or against others as you play a brain game of jigsaw, crossword or other type of puzzle game.
  • Action Games – action games are best for people who enjoy fast-paced games with lots of challenges, levels and decisions. You choose your character and complete challenges by fighting against enemies.
  • Adventure Games – playing an adventure game takes you on an adventure of fantasy and fun. You’re presented with a back-story and a group of tasks that you must complete….each task takes you to the next task and you win when you complete all of the tasks which brings you to the end of your mission.
  • Combat Games – in a combat game, you battle opponents in an up-close, personal confrontation. Your hands are your weapons as you manipulate the controls to gain control of each situation that’s thrown at you.
  • Real Time Strategy (RTS) games – RTS games are for people who like to strategize to achieve the best results in their competition. You are expected to build up an inventory of soldiers, weapons and other goods so that when the battle starts, you’ll be prepared to succeed. RTS games are highly interactive where players compete in real time with multiple players going at it at once. Some of these games include stealth shooter games in which your character is a spy who tries to defeat enemies through tactical moves and stealth.
  • Sports Games – sports fans don’t need to get physical in order to play their favorite game. They just use the gaming device’s controls to compete at sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and others. The games mimic the movements and tactics of real professional athletes. Some of these games are based on a specific sporting event (such as the World Cup for soccer, World Series for baseball, etc).
  • Educational Games – there are many great educational games that help students learn. Educators use these games to help with the learning process through interactive, collaborative and differentiated learning strategies. Options are available for playing games in every subject and for assessment of students’ achievements.
  • Role-Playing Games – Role playing games are great for people who love fantasy. Players act out the part of the hero, the main character or any of the featured characters. As the game progresses the player makes decisions that follows the storyline in order to achieve the desired goal. You can also find an RPG game with a narrative guide. 

Game Trends of 2018

There are some big new trends coming in 2018 in the gaming world which is good news for gamers who want to explore more interactive fantasies in their gaming events. Some of the trends include the increased prominence of esports (where players compete in organized tournaments or other gaming events with championship trophies for winners) and more Indie games (games that offer more creativity and less restrictions). 

Gaming observers also see developments coming in game physics, more augmented reality gaming and more virtual reality gaming in 2018.  These trends have already started to emerge in the first month of 2018.   

2018 Games 

Some of the newest and most exciting games of 2018 include:

  • The Bard’s Tale —  The Bard’s Tale IV is the fourth installment in a series in which old school turn-based combat mixes with open, surface-level world exploration. The characters crawl through more than 20 dungeons as they battle dragons and other enemies. The game, developed by inXile Entertainment, delivers gameplay that’s presented as if experienced from the perspective a first-person explorer. PhotoGammetry creates the game’s textures for 3D objects to deliver a highly satisfying gaming event.
  • Beyond Good and Evil – Good and Evil was a cult classic and in the Beyond Good and Evil prequel the adventure game goes beyond its original cute, linear adventure to a multiplayer space adventure with multiple levels and components. Gamers fight for freedom alongside other space creatures in a solo game or against other players.
  • Fidel Dungeon Rescue has a new 2.0 update, giving it a whole new look and feel. This Indie game is actually a puzzle game in which players must discover the perfect path through monsters and treasure. Each player traces a path and Fidel the Dog runs through it, looting and scuffling along the way. The paths become increasingly difficult and harrowing as the levels increase. This is a great game for veteran gamers and new players alike where competitors encounter biomes, monsters, sounds and new worlds. 
  • The Quest Giver takes you behind the scenes where you dole out the quests instead of going off on a quest. This imaginative 2D fantasy guildmanager simulation has you creating quests. This isn’t a game that mimics reality – the  artstyle is comedic which gives credence to the game’s atmosphere of humor and parody. Players hang the quest on a questboard and then recuit the heroes that will head out on the adventure. There are worldmaps, monsters, heroes, traders and other characters who issue tasks, choose rewards, meet challenges and aim for success. Once you’ve gathered all your steam trading cards you’ll receive your Quest Giver Steam badge.

2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for all gamers.