MMORPG Server Files

We have put together a simple table format of available server files and the version(s) available. If you are looking for official private server files or emulator server files for your favorite MMO or MMORPG, then this should help you on your adventure. Note: Some content may be predated. For tutorials, tools, updates, and additional releases, be sure to check out the forum via the supported link.

Game TitleOfficial Server FilesEmulator FilesForum Section
4StoryNoYesForum Section
Ace OnlineYesNoForum Section
AionYesYesForum Section
Aura KingdomYesNoForum Section
A.V.AYesNoForum Section
Black Desert OnlineYesYesForum Section
Bless OnlineYesNoForum Section
Cabal OnlineYesYesForum Section
Diablo II III IVNoYesForum Section
Drift CityNoYesForum Section
FlyffYesYesForum Section
Gunz: The DuelYesYesForum Section
Habbo Hotel
NoYesForum Section
Kal OnlineYesYesForum Section
Lineage 2NoYesForum Section
Maple StoryNoYesForum Section
Mu OnlineNoYesForum Section
Mu LegendYesNoForum Thread
Perfect WorldYesYesForum Section
Priston TaleYesYesForum Section
Ran OnlineYesNoForum Section
RF OnlineNoYesForum Section
SilkRoadNoYesForum Section
Tera Online
YesNoForum Section
World of WarcraftNoYesForum Section

Not found the game you are looking for? Check out the “MMORPG Extra” release section, which offers non-supported titles for download via our community forum.