10 Classic Games You Can Play on Your Android Phone

Nothing beats gaming for adrenaline-loaded entertainment. The creative juices of gaming developers are on display for everyone to enjoy, on all Android devices. Now you can take your gaming to the next level with these 10 wildly entertaining game apps. Let’s get this party started with a bang!

  1. Word Monsters

Are you wordsmith? You’re about to find out with this interactive, timed word game. In the process, you’ll be able to build fun and friendly monsters as you progress. This is free to play, and fun for everyone. Available at the Google Play Store, the social game is the ideal way to interact with friends and challenge them to a cerebral battle. There are 25+ themes which players can enjoy, smart match functionality, customizable monsters, and tailored languages. Simply find all the words and advance through the game.

  1. Bee Leader

Who wants to be a bee? In Bee leader, you get to be the Queen Bee, or the King Bee – if there was such a thing. This Android game will get you busy like never before. Remember – a bee’s work is never done. Your goal is simple: protect the beehive from wasps and other enemies, and plan ahead so that the bad weather doesn’t starve out your colony. Ready for a buzzy time? Join the hive at Bee Leader.

You will have to collect mounds of nectar before sundown, and return safely to the hive to stock up and collect bonuses along the way. Make lots of buddies and you will enjoy a game that is buzzing with excitement. Among the many fascinating features of the game are full retina display, widescreen support and functionality, incredible animation, zany illustrations, and plenty of sting in the tail. Watch out fans – this Flightless Production game is buzzing in for a landing.

  1. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

The title says it all – there are monsters eating your birthday cake! As you can imagine, this game is great for fans of tasty treats, ice creams, scones, and yes – cake. This app from the Cartoon Network is bubbling over with action. Some have called it the best game of the year, and the animation certainly does justice to the gameplay. Ideal for smartphones and tablets, fans will love this game app and it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

  1. Pictoword

Word games are all the rage! This is one of the better ones out there – it’s a word guessing game and it’s loaded up with trivia. Developed by Kooapps LLC, it’s ideal for everyone. You are given pictures and you must form words from separate pictures. For example, you may see a picture of an ear on the left, and a picture of a ring on the right. Together they form earring. Another great example is sand in a desert, and a witch stirring a cauldron. Together it’s a sandwich! This game has an incredible 4.7/5 rating with over 200,000 reviews at the Google Play Store. If ever you are searching for a game with high ratings – this is it.

  1. The Nightmare Cooperative

Ever seen the movies Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12, or Ocean’s 13? You get the picture! You will now be controlling several characters with special abilities. Your goal is simple: seek out treasures beyond your wildest dreams. This game features 15 floors of digging and groveling away to try and find what it is you’re looking for. Fans have labeled it utterly engrossing, and it is a strategically-based adventure with a group of unlikely heroes coming together to solve a tough puzzle. Help the village council to bring back some gold and you will be handsomely rewarded in the process. Powered by Blazing Griffin, this weird and wacky game has a limited number of installs, but maximum traction with fans.

  1. Monsterland. Junior Versus Senior: Fun Puzzle Game

Monsterland by ALMA Games is fun for everyone. It’s a brain game first and foremost, and you are tasked with creating monsters. The game features several dozen puzzles and various problem-solving levels. There is an energetic child and his dad who is way too tired to entertain the little tyke. The habitats are pretty awesome, and there are multi-coloured monsters with fun and games for everyone. If it’s adrenaline-loaded action you’re looking for, this game is it.

  1. Icon Pop Song

Ready to jam out all night long? Then Icon Pop Song is exactly what the Dr. ordered. This game is powered by Alegrium, and you get to listen to original beats, music clips, and fine-tune your music skills. What’s great about this game is that it keeps up-to-date with the latest artists, and more. Get your dancing shoes on, we’re going dancing tonight!

  1. Bubble Pop

Did somebody say Bubble Pop? These free Bubble games allow you to take aim at brightly coloured bubbles on your Android device. It’s fun and free to pop those bubbles and score points. You’ve got 2,000 puzzle levels to pop your way through, and this is the classic bubble shooter game – just as you like it. With over 243,000 reviews on the Google Play Store and an incredible rating of 4.3/5, you know this is bang on the money.

  1. Faif

This game is based on a simple concept: Destroy your enemies before you are destroyed. This video game allows you to select 5 adjacent tiles, but only one of them is yours to play with. There are 4 features in the game including gems, swords, skulls, and hearts. Created by Beavl it’s an exciting escapade through adventure central. Faif features a unique battle system which is based on gambling-style activity. Check out the following video for more details!

  1. Microtrip

Ever seen Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Then you’ve got an inkling about Microtrip. This game takes place on a micro level where you go deep within your body to meet all the elements that give us life. Organs, blood vessels, veins, red blood cells, white blood cells, viruses, platelets and more. It’s a fascinating journey, and one that really gets you into the meat of the matter!