When it comes to broad and general trends in gaming, many claim that this will be the year of casual gaming. That sort of trend has been a long time coming, as there’s a change in mood when it comes to gaming, and AAA games have become somewhat dull.

This article will outline some of the best casual games for players to try in 2024. When defining a casual game, we consider games that are targeted toward a broad audience and those that don’t have a clear end goal.

What the Golf?

What the Golf isn’t a live-service game, but it has so many different levels to play that no player will run out of them any time soon. It’s a sports game of sorts but with very cartoony physics. The goal of the game is simple enough – to win at as many golf games as you can and move on to new and wackier levels.

It’s marketed as a golf game for the players who hate golf. What the Golf is available to purchase on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch or included with an Apple Arcade subscription.

Harvest Land

Harvest Land is a farming simulation game. These are very common, but Harvest Land stands out with its offer because of its scope and gameplay. The player does much more than just farms – they also build the village and its infrastructure.

The graphics are simple but sweet, and the game is completely free. Harvest Land is available for Android and iOS. The game is a live service, and new levels and challenges are added all the time. However, the gameplay is simple and cozy so that you can play at your own pace.

Slot Games

Slot games have always been the most popular gambling games. They are simple enough to play and learn since they are games of luck, and there’s nothing a player needs to do to affect the outcome of a game. The best slot sites provide a variety of different themes and different bet sizes to accommodate as many players as possible.

When choosing which slot to play, the player should be aware of its return to player rate – which is a statistic that tells you how much of the funds you’ll invest you get back. It’s in the form of a percentage, and it’s always less than 100, meaning that the house always has an edge.

Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon is a casual mobile game that takes you on a trip to becoming a miner tycoon, but at a leisurely pace and without strict goals or short timeframes in which they need to be achieved. The game’s goal is to upgrade the mine steadily and keep bringing in new specialists and features.

The game has been up for eight years now and keeps expanding and adding new levels and ways of playing. It’s available for both of the biggest mobile operating systems.

Zookeeper World

Zookeeper World is a mobile puzzle game. It’s one of the most popular of such games, always trying to beat the first game in the genre – Candy Crush. The gameplay combines the features of a puzzle game, combat, and zoo tycoon simulator – for a unique experience that doesn’t get stale after a while.

There are over 30 million users at this point, and the game is available only on Apple devices. The game’s aesthetic, look, and feel are perfect for cozy gamers, as they are very bright but very cute.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a unique game on our list because it has a narrative component, and therefore, it has a beginning and an end. However, the game is still slow and easy to get into, with amazing graphics and a great ambiance in particular.

It’s best described as an “illusory, meditative puzzle game” and follows a main character called Ro on her journey through motherhood. The game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. It was awarded “The Game Award for the Best Mobile Game” when it came out.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is one of the most popular games on our list – it’s played by millions of users every day. The game most resembles a classic Frogger but with a modern twist. There are many different characters with unique abilities to choose from; each has its own approach to the game and its simple premise.

The game is simple enough, but players have spent countless hours. It’s available for Android and iOS, as well as for Windows. There have been a few spin-offs, including a version featuring Disney characters and the co-op version called Crossy Road Castle. This version can also be played using a controller.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a transportation simulation with a very confusing and somewhat ofputing design. The game aims to create and operate a transportation system in some of the world’s most iconic cities. This may sound stressful, but the gameplay is easy enough and welcoming to newcomers.

The game is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Linux, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and other platforms. At this point, there are 34 city maps to play in, and new ones will be added in the future. There are also a few historic maps players can unlock within the game.

Candy Crush

There’s a reason Candy Crush is a classic that has stood the test of time. As one of the most popular games in Thailand, this game continues to thrive. Few players haven’t tried it for at least a while, but a new generation of players tries it for the first time every day. It’s easy to play but hard to stop, and the game design is colorful and somewhat flashy, which may be a problem for some players.

Candy Crush can be played on Windows, iOS, and Android, and the gameplay consists of simple puzzles in which players need to connect three or more items of the same color. There are also countless power-ups, bonuses, and additional features revealed within the game.

Stardew Valley

It’s another classic on our list that has earned the position it has in the casual gaming world. It gives the players the easy life of fishing and farming; within that, there are hours of content to go through. The graphics are simple and retro, but one of the game’s main appeals is its aesthetic.

A few spin-offs also focus on fishing or different characters you could meet and play within the game. Stardew Valley can be played on Android, iOS, Windows, and all the major consoles.

Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire

Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire is a simulation game where the player starts by running a small bank and grows from it to the titular tycoon. There are goals within the game, but there’s no end to it, and it can provide hours of casual gaming for those who keep returning to their empire.

The game is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. The graphics are warm and simple enough for any player to figure out quickly, especially if they’ve played one of the tycoon games before.

Which of the games on our list do you plan to play in 2024, and which have you played before?