The gaming industry is one of the most progressive and successful industries in the world, in which their uptake of the latest technology on offer is both rapid and calculated. This has enabled the industry to adapt to new ways of gaming as different generations of gamers lead the market into new territories.

One of the most popular gaming genres currently is the first person shooter genre, or better known as FPS games. FPS games are both challenging and exhilarating for players, however there are many FPS games that don’t quite get it right either, in wich it takes time to find the best games out there.

A good FPS game is well crafted, unique and of high quality, much like the latest poker tournaments that are available to play online. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best first person shooter games that are currently available on the market.

Left 4 Dead 2

Developed by Valve and first released on PC and Xbox 360, Left 4 Dead 2 is the second edition of this iconic first person shooter game. First released in November 2009, players must work with other players to combat a group of rogue zombies, whose attack patterns are continually changing and evolving.

The game requires you to really think on your feet and work as a team with other players to develop a strategy for overcoming the zombie crowd. Each zombie has a different strength and weakness, meaning it takes time to figure out, creating and challenging and making the game feel different each time you play.


Free Turned on Silver Imac With Might Mouse and Keyboard Stock Photo

Spillgate is designed for a range of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X. Dubbed as an ultra smooth and exciting experience, Spillgate is one of the most popular FPS games among the younger generations of gamers. As a mix between Halo and Portal, Spillgate offers a free to play multiplayer experience in which players are thrown into an environment of chaos.

Players need to use strategy carefully to master the game and take the upperhand, as they work as a team to figure out how to survive.


Throwing it back to the 90’s, Doom was released in 1993 and is just as popular today as it was when it first came out. In fact, as the first FPS game, Doom is considered to be a leading pioneer in the genre.

With its innovative plot, impressive lighting for the times, it even offers a deathmatch mode which set a whole new standard for FPS video games today.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Leading of from the first legendary Halo games, Combat Evolved takes the gaming series to a whole new exciting level. The new edition of the game introduces features that make shooters easy to master with a controller – two primaries and a pistol, swappable with the face buttons, and instead of 11 weapons you cycle between using the number keys on a keyboard or your mousewheel.

The combat arenas offer players a space to plan and improvise, whereas the vehicles offer a tactile getaway option. The space opera plotline is impressive and the all new gaming environments make the game that much more engaging and interactive in which it’s easy to feel submerged in the world of the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The CoD game series is perhaps one of the most famous first person shooter games across the globe, in which millions of gamers worldwide own a copy of one of these titles. The current title is more lifelike and realistic than ever before, in which gamers are enabled to get up closer and personal with real life events that are currently taking place.

With a middle eastern setting, players can use thermal imaging cameras to detect enemies, scale buildings and battle in high impact combat. If you were already hooked by the Call of Duty series, this title is going to be even more addictive than before.


As a player enters the world of Dusk, the first challenge they are given is being thrown into a dark room full of chainsaw-wielding men with bags over their heads. It hands you a scythe, and without a word, expects you to get on with it. There’s never a moment when it breaks character as a moody nineties shooter, explains what in the name of Carmack is happening in its world and why you’re being attacked by bulls attached to wooden carts.

This game offers fast and smooth action, in which there’s a fine line between parody and a genuine feeling of uneasiness.

Overall, these games offer the best of the first person shooter world, in which this genre of gaming has improved radically over the past few years and still continues to develop.