Artificial Intelligence has always fascinated humanity. The concept may seem relatively new. However, in actuality, ideas regarding AI date back to the oldest myths and legends. However, recently, Artificial Intelligence has become a thing of the present.

AI in Entertainment

Already, the entertainment industry has begun implementing AI. From AI-generated art, which has caused major controversy, to AI-enhanced visuals, to AI in gaming, the phenomenon seems inescapable. Even the gambling industry has begun implementing AI regarding online casinos.

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Artificial intelligence has already begun to dominate media.

Many are excited about this prospect. Others are not so thrilled. In this article, we would like to look at how AI-Generated characters in film and gaming impact the industry and how people react to the phenomenon.

AI-Generated Characters in Games

Some game developers have already admitted using AI-generated characters for their concept art. To do this, they prompt the AI to generate art based on key traits and characteristics that their game’s protagonist has. Once the AI does the task that was demanded, the game is one step closer to being finished.

This makes game development a whole lot easier and cheaper. Some have even called AI “the future of video games.” Whether you agree with this statement or not, one thing is certain; in 2023, AI is undoubtedly a popular tool for game developers.

AI-Generated Film Characters

The gaming industry is not the only one to jump on the AI bandwagon. Hollywood producers have also attempted to get a slice of the pie. Character designs based on AI art could simplify the whole movie-making process.

Some fear that this might take the heart and soul out of films. Others are excited about the potential. Whatever the case, the new technology is certainly controversial. And may prove even more so shortly.

AI-Generated Characters in Literature

Recently, a computer programmer published a children’s book entirely illustrated by Artificial Intelligence. The act caused a lot of controversy and led to some major online and offline arguments. Eventually, many asked themselves whether they would care if an AI wrote a book worthy of praise.

To many, the answer is yes. They believe that AI removes the heart and soul from books. Others are in favor of a future in which AI dominates entertainment. In our final section, we examine arguments for and against Artificial Intelligence-generated art.

ai generated characters in movies

Is AI Unethical?

Many artists have noticed that AI-generated art has entirely plagiarized their work and passed it off without giving the original artist any credit. This is akin to art theft and outright plagiarism. Naturally, artists are not happy about the whole idea.

But it doesn’t end there. Many artists have also noted that AI could replace them in the workplace, effectively leaving struggling artists unemployed. After all, if a game development studio can generate character designs using Artificial Intelligence, then there is no incentive to hire any actual artists.

In 2023, AI has not fully reached the stage where it can replicate the “human touch.” However, what would happen in the next five, ten, or even fifty years? If Artificial Intelligence continues to develop without restrictions, we could all see an entertainment industry entirely dominated by AI-generated pap.


· Can AI generate characters for films?

Yes. It is entirely possible to generate film characters using AI.

· Can AI generate characters for games?

Once again, yes. Video game developers have already begun using AI to create character designs faster.

· Can AI generate art for books or comics?

Absolutely. A full children’s book has already been written, entirely illustrated by AI.

· Is AI-generated art ethical?

Discussions on ethics have always been complex. Many argue that AI-generated art is unethical, while others believe it has potential.

· What else can you use AI for?

In theory, AI can be used in all walks of the entertainment industry. AI can generate music, art, and even full-on stories.

Final Thoughts

While the emergence of AI is fascinating, we must also consider the social impact it will have on our culture. To that point, it is important to have an open, honest, and rational discussion regarding AI’s influence on entertainment and whether AI-generated art is ethical. Indeed, the rampant and unrestricted use of AI-generated art can cause much damage.