If you’re aware of what’s happening in video games, then you probably know what MMOs hold in store for you. While a wide selection of MMOs exists, many players are left craving more. Some games hit the mark with everything: gameplay, graphics, controls, story, etc. However, many people miss the group content and guild-oriented quests in MMOs.

Still, players wait for each release with high hopes. And now, gamers are waiting for the latest product from NPixel. They have recently released the gameplay trailer for their much-anticipated online multiplayer game, Chrono Odyssey. If you’re wondering whether you should reserve some hard disk space when it launches in late 2023, this is the piece you need. We’ll dive into what the game has to offer and how to play it and other MMOs safely online.

What Is Chrono Odyssey?

Chrono Odyssey has a temporal take on the fantasy RPG genre. It asks, “What happens when you merge time manipulation with a strong storyline and fantasy-inspired gameplay?” While the first trailer was highly subjective, the gameplay gave us insights into how it uses the latest Unreal Engine 5 to bring out the best graphics without sacrificing framerates.

Set in the fictional world of Sereta, it offers the players the freedom to choose their storyline from the perspective of several characters. Those would serve as the class with various advantages and deliver a unique experience for each playthrough. Not to mention that the developer has announced a lengthy storyline and massive multiplayer battles to keep everyone engaged for months.

How Chrono Odyssey Challenges the Established MMO Norms

Given the various features confirmed by NPixel, Chrono Odyssey challenges the established MMO norms in several ways.

Time-Based Fantasy Gameplay

The introduction of temporal manipulation is always challenging for developers. The issue is that you must balance how the time slows, pauses, or reverses for specific players while the online world remains persistent for others.

Chrono Odyssey solves the problem by making the time power exclusive to specific parties. For instance, if your or your teammates’ ability slows time, it only applies to your party. The effect is localized and doesn’t spread to the entire server. That also allows the developer to make such powers viable in raids and multiplayer battles, as only the enemy engaged shall experience the time rift.

Playstyle Variations

Most multiplayer games focus on specific gameplay types (e.g., using guns in Destiny 2 or melee in Blade & Soul). However, NPixel takes the page out of Warframe’s playbook and lets players choose their playstyle. You can focus on magic, guns, melee, or anywhere in between. No single build supersedes others and offers plenty of freedom with the gameplay.

Inspiration From Prior Success Ideas

If you’re a long-term gamer, you may notice that none of the ideas mentioned by the developers are new. They were present in other games launched years before it. Chrono Odyssey combines them in a cohesive manner to tell a story, with the fluidity of Unreal Engine 5 to support its vision.

How You Can Play MMOs Safely Online

In case you’re excited to play Chrono Odyssey on launch day, you should exercise a few precautions. You can’t rely on the anti-cheat and hacking safeguards from the developer, especially with the hype the game has created. Instead, it’s best to take your own methods to ensure a secure gaming experience for any MMO.

Create an Anonymous Profile

When you create your online profile, it helps to leave your personal details out. You don’t want to let unknown players know your facts, allowing them correctly predict your identity or location. Use a made-up name for your profile and refrain from sharing your private information, particularly on chat.

Secure Your Connection With a VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets you switch your server location to anywhere in the world. It lets you join games from various regions while keeping your IP address hidden from anyone accessing the same game. Furthermore, a VPN for PC can protect from DoS attacks that might target highly competitive and successful gamers.

Beware Of Mod-Activated Servers

Modded servers are often quite tempting with how they change the world’s rules. Still, there are a few mods that come with security flaws, letting the server owner access specific intimate details of all the players online. Staying wary of such servers is best unless you know how to analyze all the installed mods. Never install unknown mods on your computer.

Run the Game with Performance Presets

Unreal Engine 5 takes quite a toll on even the best-performing console and PC hardware. You must run any new game, including Chrono Odyssey, with performance presets. If you desire to watch the best graphics fidelity, it’s best to upgrade your rig or watch streamers on Twitch and Youtube.

Parting Words

Chrono Odyssey displays much potential to change all upcoming MMO games as we know them. The developers might have an excellent title if they can pull off a decent launch. Just be sure to apply the necessary measures to enjoy this future of MMO safely.