E-sports has become part of the main stage around the world when it comes to video game lovers but also sports lovers, in general. Not only do e-sports players themselves attract millions of viewers on the Internet, but organized competitions also have huge, million-dollar, prize funds. Consequently, e-sports is already listed among the available markets of many online bookmakers. 

Here are the most popular e-sports games for which bookmaker first deposit bonuses are often provided, and that people like to bet on the most, globally speaking. Wondering why we chose those five games? Here is an explanation…

Dota 2

You would not be on this website if you had not heard of the MOBA video game genre, and there is no doubt that Dota 2 holds spot no. 1. This game has been attracting millions of fans for years, and it does not seem so strange that people also like to bet on the players and teams that participate in Dota 2 events and competitions.

Some of the popular events are Dota Pro Circuit and The International, but there are hundreds of other tournaments that you can bet on depending on the bookmaker and its offer.

League of Legends

Known by the abbreviation LoL, this game is also one of the most played and most-watched of all e-sports. We have had the League of Legends World Championship for almost a decade. 

Not only do thousands of spectators come to the venue, but millions join online to watch the competition. If you think you know who can win the next event, why not bet?


Counter-Strike is a franchise with a long tradition and it is nice to see that the series has successfully entered the e-sports market. The main focus when it comes to multiplayer play is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, widely known as CS: GO.

Numerous CS: GO tournaments are organized every day and there is a high probability that you will find something to bet on whenever you visit your favorite bookmaker. You can also follow the latest news to stay informed of upcoming events.


Here is an interesting game that puts the brain to the test. Hearthstone is a digital map based on moves in which it takes a lot of strategies and thinking to win. You can also play in numerous competitions with a large number of players. 

In addition to choosing the winner of a particular match or tournament, you can also bet on the round when a particular player will be eliminated.

Call of Duty

Things did not seem to be going great for this franchise, but the latest installation and Battle Royale mode turned things around. Today, it is again present on betting websites, which is the best indicator of its re-popularity.

The mentioned games are just a part of e-sports that you can bet on online. If you are a long-time fan of real sports, you can try your luck in video games that may be closer to that, such as PES and FIFA. On the other hand, fans of the fight will love Tekken, and some other games including Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, etc.