Online betting has become interconnected with video games for a while now, and because of the impressive development of the gaming industry, the betting world had to follow.

DotA2 is one of the most popular games when we talk about eSports games. Betting on the outcome of its matches can be performed on numerous sites, such as

Because betting must be made only if you are properly informed, give this article a read in order to place inspired bets.

What does it take to succeed in Dota2?

Team coordination and individual skill are traits that have to be kept in perfect balance within a team’s roster. That is the key to have success in this game. Team chemistry is perhaps the most difficult to develop, making it a volatile, risky trait.

Sometimes, all it takes to improve it noticeably is playing together for a few weeks. However, a player’s skill doesn’t fluctuate as much, and it is dependent on certain factors.

Decisive factors

As it is the case for League of Legends, Dota2 offers plenty of options for heroes. Having such a great variety from which you can choose, we are talking about 113 heroes currently.

Knowing how the hero operates and which hero does a player prefer are incredibly important factors in deciding to place a bet. For example, if a player is more focused on pick and ban phases, then the whole team’s performance can be affected.

That’s because they may have to play heroes that they are not that familiar with or maybe they don’t feel comfortable playing in this condition.

The pick and ban phase

Working slightly different from the one found in LoL matches, the pick and ban phase in Dota2 requires both teams to ban two heroes. This must happen before each team has a chance to pick when the draft begins.

The team chosen first is allowed to pick a hero prior to the opponent team, which then has to pick two heroes. After this, the initial team will choose the second hero. Once this happens, both teams are allowed to ban two heroes again.

This second banning phase is affected by the first one, giving an idea about how the game will play out. Teams can now decide between banning strong heroes or heroes that work better with what the opponents already picked.

Disrupting plans

After these phases passed, you may have highly disrupted your opponent’s plans. Another pick phase follows that uses the same format as the first. Then, there will be a final ban phase in which each team can ban only one hero.

That’s when you can block surprise picks before you and your opponent can pick a final hero. As you can see, there is a lot happening in this phase alone, so it takes a great amount of strategy to win.


As you can see, taking the teams’ inner workings, their chemistry and skill into account will prove to be very efficient in your betting activity.