In a world where video games have become complicated, it’s nice to encounter one that’s simple and easy to play. Such is the case with the text-based hit mobile game SimpleMMO. This fun and simple game was designed with the old-school MMORPG games of the 90s in mind.

When we say simple game, you might immediately wonder, “What exactly does that mean?” In the case of SimpleMMO, well, it’s in the game title. It’s so simple that gamers can play certain aspects of the game with one index finger. Is that simple enough?

The purpose of the review is not to get all wrapped up in the playing details of the game. Instead, we would like to keep the focus on providing a general overview that might motivate you, as a gamer, to look a little further into the game and what it has to offer. Now is the time as registration to the SimpleMMO website has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years.

About Simple MMO – The Basics

If you are looking for 3D graphics and a bunch of interactive game features, SimpleMMO is not the game for you. Remember, the game has a decidedly 1990s MMORPG flavor, which was long before video games were created in 3D, and long before games were being played on mobile devices.

According to the SimpleMMO website, this bite-size morsel of a video game has a registered group of players that is now more than 1,000,000 players due to a recent increase in popularity.

As for gameplay, players get to do things like compete head-to-head in battle, go on treasure hunts for “legendary loot”, and join forces to fight the big bosses for the right to emerge stronger. Other available actions include performing epic tasks, interacting within the community, serving as a murder-for-hire character, and many more adventures that will blow your mind.

Each adventure during gameplay could best be described, as funny, silly, and strange with just a pinch of seriousness thrown in for good measure. What else might one expect from a 1990s video game?

The duel feature seems to be a favorite among registered players. Of course, there is nothing complicated about the simple dueling process. Each player takes one index finger and starts clicking on the appropriate “trigger” button. The player who accumulates the most hits within the limited timeframe will be declared the winner. What’s in the offering for the winner is a chance to move up another level.

More About Playing SimpleMMO

As indicated above, the design of SimpleMMO is basic and straightforward. It was created to look sleek despite the fact minimal game interaction is required on the part of players. It follows a typical RPG format.

During gameplay, slow progress is the name of the game. As players traverse from one adventure to the next, they have a limited number of turns or steps they can take before they need to rest and power up with diamonds. These steps are referred to as “travel texts.” The incremental time allotted between steps lessens as players climb to higher levels.

As players move from one delightful & strange adventure to the next, they accumulate loot in the form of gold, hidden treasures, and other resources they can use to gain more game access. It’s even possible for players at higher levels to keep earning goodies while their game is in idle mode. Yes, more loot means more access to the game and more advantages over lower-level players.

As a source of added entertainment players will encounter attempts to entertain in the form of one-liner jokes, quips, strange epiphanies, and even thought-provoking philosophical passages. It’s a fun way to keep players motivated as they slowly move from one adventure to the next.

Can a Player Make Money While Playing SimpleMMO?

If players are interested in making a little money from their SimpleMMO experiences, they have a couple of different ways they can achieve that goal. One way is to sell loot to an NPC or list it on the Player-to-Player Marketplace. Caution is warranted as prices can get a little crazy because of supply & demand.

There is also a gambling feature, which allows players to compete with gold on the line. One aspect even involves a slot machine where you wager 50 gold per spin. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to take advantage of no deposit bonuses or other perks found at online casinos but may still win up to 1500 gold.

Summing things up, not all video games demand that you traverse complicated levels while sitting on the edge of your seat. If you want to relax and enjoy simple gaming adventures in a basic format, you definitely want to check out SimpleMMO. There is a reason the population of registered players has been increasing over the last 2-3 years.