Black Desert Online clocked ten years, bringing us back to Esports’ development. Without these teams competing in games like BDO, betting on esports games would be impossible. This title has come a long way, and it’s still standing tall.

It has gained a wide audience, which not all games can boast of. Our team looked back at the years and decided to explore what kept BDO going. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes the title popular.

A Quick Overview of Black Desert Online

The Black Desert Online was created in Korea by Pearl Abyss, and it is a multiplayer online role-playing game. It started as a Microsoft Windows game in 2015 before spreading across different devices. Gamers across the globe now engage in BDO despite the criticisms at its early stage.

Playing this game is fun as you take the third-person shooter role with immense action. You start as an adventurer and gradually rise to a hero status. You will engage in large-player castle battles and siege events, amongst other activities. The free movement on BOD keeps players engaged throughout the playing sessions.

There have been upgrades and different versions of Black Desert Online. It supports multiple devices and can be free-to-play in some parts, while others operate as buy-to-play. You can also get more tools to enhance your gaming adventure, and the prices are often low.

Why Gamers Love Black Desert Online

Many gamers have various reasons for playing games. After exploring the title and its features, we discover some fascinating aspects. We believe the following are some factors behind BDO’s popularity.

Enjoyable Gameplay

Gamers prefer titles that are easy and enjoyable to play. BDO is action-based with an interesting storyline. You engage in activities like fishing, trading, housing, etc. Players can also engage others in castle fights and sieges.

Controlling your character is a breeze as there is free movement and manual aiming and dodging. The main quest is also supported for open-world activities and side quests as you aim to become a celebrated hero from being a low adventurer. We believe the interesting gameplay contributed greatly to the title’s popularity.

Impressive Graphics

Gamers have enjoyed one of the best graphics for MMORPG on Black Desert Online. We believe it contributed to the immense traction it gained over the years. You will enjoy fluid animation and the characters excellently modelled. This makes your movement and actions smooth and quick.

The exciting part is that the graphics improve as more versions are released. With a huge game world, you’ll find the detailing impressive as the weather effect increases the immersion. Also, the day-to-night cycle feels so real, regardless of the version you play.

Soothing Sound

Soundscapes are an important gaming aspect, and we believe Pearl Abyss considered this thoroughly during production. The mix of modern orchestral sounds with the default Korean music is commendable. The voice acting is great, and the sound effect makes every action and move real. This complements the intriguing graphics of BDO.

Supports Multiple Device

Gaming becomes exciting when they are accessible on multiple devices. Although Black Desert Online started in 2015 with Windows versions, the transition into supporting multiple devices was great. Gamers can now enjoy it on their Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and many other gadgets.

Is Black Desert Online Worth Playing?

If you are a fan of immersive MMORPG games with many activities to do, you will find this game worth playing. It will be better if you have time to learn the game, as you will be entertained once you’ve mastered it. But all games are not for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel so bad if you don’t like it. There are many other similar games you can try on the internet.