The Counter-Strike series is mainly known for its exclusive cases. These items make the CS in-game community one of the best digital markets ever. Despite its popularity, some players still don’t know how to get CS2 cases.

In CS2, there are several ways to obtain cases, including purchasing them with real money from Steam or third-party CSGO case sites. Continue reading as we’ll go in-depth on each method available.

What are CS2 Cases?

Cases are pretty important when it comes to the overall CS2 experience. They are virtual storage boxes that contain several in-game items, including stickers, knives, gloves, and weapon designs. These accessories improve appearance; they don’t improve gameplay or player abilities. Nonetheless, their uniqueness and aesthetic appeal make them highly sought-after.

When Counter-Strike cases initially entered the game in CS:GO, they quickly became popular. Most players view the game differently when trying to obtain a rare skin, such as an AK-47, M4, AWP, or knife skin.

CS2 cases are helpful not only for casual gamers and collectors but also for community members who buy and sell them to make money. Thanks to this, many third-party sites have been popping up that focus on cases and individuals who trade these items to make a living.

Types of CS2 Cases

Many CS2 players open several cases hoping to obtain unique items, skins, stickers, and more. The value of a case mainly depends on your choice, as there are various options available, from exclusive to common ones. That said, here are the most common types of CS2 cases:

Weapon Case: These boxes usually contain skins that customize the looks of weapons like guns, knives, clubs, etc. A skin’s float value determines its quality and rarity, which ranges from common to legendary or mythic.

Sticker Case: These are cases that offer stickers that you can use to further personalize your firearms. Furthermore, just like weapon skins, stickers are available in various designs and rarities, adding to the worth of weapons.

Souvenir Case: These are exclusive boxes you can get during official CS:GO competitions. They come with stickers linked to the competition that include original weapon designs.

Graffiti Case: CS2 also offers graffiti cases where you get items to decorate walls and other game surfaces.

How to Get CS2 Cases: Most Popular Methods

You can get CS2 cases in several ways, many of which we will provide below.

Buy With Real Money on Steam

In CS2, you can purchase cases with money on Steam and remember that a key is needed to unlock them. Case prices are variable and are based on the contents.

For instance, the Snakebite Case gives unique gifts like the “M4A4 | In Living Color” and “USP-S | The Traitor.” This approach is perfect for players eager to add to their CS2 inventory or purchase particular items.

Buying CS2 cases directly from Steam is one of the easiest ways. Here is a brief how-to:

  • Open Steam, select “Market” from the “Community” menu
  • Select the game and be more specific about what you’re after. All you need to do is type “Case” into the search field
  • Look over the offerings to choose which one best suits your needs.

Purchase From Third Party Sites

Some third-party websites offer their services as trading platforms for CS:GO skins and cases. With this option, you can exchange your CS2 items for actual cash rather than simply Steam credit.

In addition, these third-party sites improve the entire experience by providing extra features like the option to bid on offers and comprehensive filters. Check out these sites for a more extensive selection of choices and well-crafted reviews to help you make wise purchase selections.

Get From In-Game Drops

In-game drops allow you to get free CS2 cases as you play the game. This is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget, as you don’t have to pay money.

However, acquiring cases through gameplay alone requires more time than other methods. Unlike before, operation missions, which formerly made cases easily accessible, are no longer available.

Claim From Twitch Stream Drops

Twitch Stream Drops allows esports fans who watch CS2 competitions to receive free cases. Viewers can also win cases by participating in these contests. While this approach takes longer and is more unpredictable than in-game drops, it’s an excellent choice for esports fans who frequently watch CS2 competitions.

Ensure you follow CS2 on social media since you don’t want to miss a single drop. It’s also a great idea to enable the bell notification so you may be alerted whenever a drop occurs. When an in-game event occurs, Valve often makes drops available for Twitch feeds, giving you a decent indication of when to start searching.


Getting a case in CS2 is like winning the lottery or a wager. Once you get it, you can unlock it using a key and receive whatever is in the box.