When you sign up to an online casino, you generally have to supply that casino’s account verification department with some kind of proof of address and identification.

It’s commonly referred to as the KYC process (Know Your Customer), and most players find it extremely annoying. However, not all online casinos request this kind of documentation, meaning you don’t have to complete the KYC process.

If you are looking for ‘no KYC casinos,’ then you’ve come to the right place. This page will reveal which online casinos don’t require proof of ID or address when registering an account with them.

Which online casinos don’t require proof of ID or address when you register?

Online casinos that don’t tend to require proof of ID or address when you register a new account are often referred to as no KYC casinos or crypto casinos (online casinos that accept one or more cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals).

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No KYC casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments across a highly encrypted blockchain network offer complete anonymity, which safeguards the very essence of online freedom.

Deposits and withdrawals at crypto casinos are faster, cheaper, and more secure, and the security is much tighter.

Payments aren’t monitored or tracked by any centralised government agency or financial institution, and there’s no need to send photo ID or scanned colour copies of your bank statement or any other similar documents, which is why these sites are now more popular than ever.

If you don’t send in the documents after they request them, they will either freeze or put temporary restrictions on your account, meaning you won’t be able to withdraw.

Also, some online casinos can take up to 48 hours or longer to verify your documents, which most players find annoying and far too intrusive.

Can crypto casinos with no KYC be trusted?

Yes. Today’s best crypto casinos that don’t require players to send in proof of ID and address documents are fully licensed and regulated by various internationally accredited gaming commissions/licensing authorities, and they are controlled by reputable operators with excellent track records.

Regular online casinos, which require you to send in highly sensitive documents and only accept fiat currencies and traditional online payment methods like Visa and PayPal, can’t guarantee that your documents won’t fall into the wrong hands.

With no KYC casinos, this could never happen because you don’t need to send them anything. You can open a new account on these sites in seconds using your valid email address, and then you can deposit immediately using your crypto wallet.

Which cryptocurrencies do online casinos accept?

Almost every crypto casino today accepts BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum). Others are also now starting to accept more cryptocurrencies, such as XRP (Ripple), DOGE (DogeCoin), LTC (Litecoin), ADA (Cardano), SOL (Solana), DOT (Polkadot), and AVAX (Avalanche).

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a safe and secure online casino that doesn’t enforce the KYC process, allows players to deposit and withdraw using the cryptocurrency payment method, and has thousands of computer-generated and live dealer games from award-winning providers, don’t forget to visit the official BitEdge iGaming review site.