The games industry has been growing steadily for the past two decades. Gaming is now one of the most popular forms of entertainment in many parts of the world.

It is even beginning to surpass other options like movies and television. That is because a lot of money is being invested in gaming to produce better games to play and more advanced devices to play them on.

This second point is important because gaming has undergone an evolution from being an offline activity to an online one. Companies are spending fortunes developing new consoles and tech like virtual reality to capitalise on the enthusiasm for online gaming.

The future for the gaming industry is clearly a digital one then and this list of the most popular games for 2024 will offer proof of that.

Lightning Roulette

One genre of gaming that enjoys consistent popularity is online casino. Within that genre different games rise and fall each year in terms of the number of people playing them though.

A game that casino fans have embraced this year so far is a variation on roulette. This game takes the typical online roulette rules and adds speed and bigger money to the mix.

The game called Lightning Roulette can be found at most of the leading casino sites. There is a standard roulette wheel, but five random numbers on it are hit by lightning strikes that multiply their value by 500x. If you bet on one of those numbers, the result will be a big win – with the actual scale determined by the size of your bet.

These random lightning strikes are shown with exciting graphics and the game blends standard live video roulette with a game show format. It is taking casinos by storm this year and there is no disputing how gripping it can be.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

This game reached virtual and physical stores in February and has been one of the big hits of the year so far. It is a single player game that blends role-playing and action qualities.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the follow up to the successful Final Fantasy VII Remake and it picks up the play where that game left off. The main character is Cloud Strife, a mercenary, who is hired by the AVALANCHE eco-group to help them defeat global corporation Shinra.

It features ecological and apocalyptic themes that tap into the way many people feel now. Another factor that is helping to make it popular is the way it incorporates visceral action elements alongside more thoughtful strategy ones. That means it moves the heart and the head.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered

The Last of Us Part II was released for the PS4 console four years ago and met with a fanfare of critical acclaim and awards wins. Now it has been remastered and it is proving to be a hit all over again.

That is due to a range of improvements, including DualSense integration for the controller, faster game loading and sharper graphics. It is built for the superior PS5 console.

This revamp has an impressive audience rating of 8.3 at aggregator sites. So it is not just the critics who rate it. The action adventure storyline depicting the battle between a religious cult and militia makes for a well developed and compelling experience.

Tekken 8

Another January release that is captivating gaming fans is Tekken 8. The Tekken franchise is one of the hottest right now, thanks to its pummelling action.

Tekken 8 is a fighting game like all of its predecessors, but it ups the aggression levels. That is because the play has been adjusted to award higher scores for offensive rather than defensive moves during fights.

It is not subtle, but then sometimes gaming fans just want to let off some steam.

EA Sports FC 24

This soccer simulation game came out last year, but remains a big seller right now. It is the first in a planned series of EA Sports FC games.

One reason why it is outselling other simulation games is the HyperMotion V tech that makes player movements more realistic. Another is the PlayStyles one that ensures the game captures the unique playing style of each top player more closely.

That makes it possible for fans to feel like they are really playing as their heroes. It has been a particular hit among Xbox users and further games in the series are guaranteed.

These five games are some of the ones that are helping to keep the gaming industry growing at an ever-faster rate. There is something to suit every taste, but each of them is worth taking the time to play if you are an avid fan of online or console gaming.