The golden age of massively multiplayer games in faraway galaxies dates back to the early 2000s, with pioneering space adventures like EVE Online, Anarchy Online, and Entropia Universe. Fast-forward to the 2020s and sci-fi MMORPGs are arguably a dying breed. From World of Warcraft to Guild Wars 2, the most played MMORPGs are all about fantasy lands and magical creatures rather than rocket ships and alien life forms. Still, the fascination for outer space endures. While sci-fi MMORPGs are still few and far between, gamers with a strong case of astrophilia can set off to distant planets in the following sci-fi MMORPGs.


First released on PC in 2015, Skyforge is a case in point that science fiction and heroic fantasy can blend to a tee. This sci-fi action MMO takes you to the far-out world of Aelion, where you act as the last line of defense between your planet and the alien forces threatening to annihilate its population. Assuming the role of an immortal on their way to deification, you leverage mighty celestial powers to fend off the impending invasion now that Aelion’s gods have all but disappeared.

Upon starting this epic fantasy adventure, you get to choose from 19 unlockable playable classes. You may then team up with fellow immortals to wage devastating attacks or roam around hundreds of interstellar locations, including the mysterious planet of Terra introduced in the platform’s latest update. For all its well-designed missions and solid action, Skyforge can be quite a grindy game. Glitches are pretty frequent, too. Despite its shortcomings, this free-to-play MMORPG is worth trying on either PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is probably one of the most ambitious projects ever in the gaming sphere. This combat simulation and space trading game was first revealed in 2012, with pre-production beginning as early as 2010. Sci-fi lovers were ecstatic before the enthusiasm went sour over the years, as the game’s development was marred with controversies and complaints over its protracted production process. Well over a decade after its original announcement, there is still no projected date for the commercial release of Star Citizen.

In 2013, however, a fairly small slice of the game was made available to Kickstarter backers. June 2014 saw the release of the “Arena Commander” mode, which gave players their first taste of proper gameplay before subsequent updates added heaps of new content. Little by little, Star Citizen is gradually taking shape with new modules and packs, offering up to four planets to explore and twelve moons to land on as of 2024. Although it remains a far cry from the project that fans initially envisioned, causing vivid backlash considering it has raised $650 million so far, this unfinished open-world sci-fi MMO is still a blast for gamers with a knack for flying spaceships.

Star Trek Online

Fourteen years into its release, Star Trek Online is as fresh as ever. Putting aside its slightly outdated graphics, the first MMORPG within the Star Trek franchise has lost none of its spark, and new players keep coming to its sprawling universe to commandeer their spacecraft and traverse an ever-expanding galaxy of unparalleled scope. Granted, the game can become somewhat tedious after a while, with new missions taking an inordinate amount of time and controversial microtransactions awaiting players at every turn. Still, newcomers have hundreds of hours of playtime to enjoy before worrying about such aspects of the game. As for long-time fans of the Star Trek IP dreaming of immersing themselves into the show’s world, this free-to-play intergalactic odyssey is one of the best games they can find.

This cult franchise has inspired many more developers, with classic PC titles like Bridge Commander and mobile strategy games like Star Trek Fleet Command. Its far-reaching influence on gaming culture extends to the iGaming sector. On casino sites like VegasSlotsOnline, gamers can find dozens of Star Trek-infused slots like Star Trek: The Next Generation or Star Trek – Against All Odds. Many more machine slots by top-tier software developers play on the sci-fi theme, running smoothly on both PC and mobile devices. Players can browse thousands of free options to have fun on the go. They may also grab bonuses and promotions to transition to riskier yet more rewarding real-money slots.

Care to travel to the hyper-space or go to war against alien conquerors? While most sci-fi MMOs are essentially single-player experiences, the games above are best enjoyed with fellow space lovers.