LoL is one of the leaders in the world of eSports, which has already gathered numerous fans all over the world. The 2024 season has started with many awesome matches and is in progress. The major events of the year are coming closer. A few tournaments that are worth your attention are in progress in April.

Matches for April 2024

In April 2024, Liga Regional Norte, a qualifying tournament for teams from southern Latin America, is in progress. The best teams from five regions of Latin America take part in it. As part of the competition, one invitation to the upcoming Duelo de Reyes will be drawn. The size of the prize fund will be determined later.

    The list of the closest events is as follows:

  • 4 matches on April, 23;
  • 4 matches on April, 26;
  • 4 matches on April, 28.

Teams from southern Latin America participate in Liga Regional Sur. One invitation to the upcoming competition will be won here.

    The upcoming events include:

  • 5 matches on April, 24;
  • 4 matches on April, 27;
  • 4 matches on April, 30.

One more current tournament is CBLOL Academy 2024. It is the tenth season of the second division of the Brazilian CBLOL League. Twelve academy teams meet in the group stage in Split 1, after which the top six will advance to the Playoff stage. The prize fund of the tournament is $25,590.

    Follow the next events:

  • 1 match on April, 25;
  • 1 match on April, 26;
  • 1 match on April, 27;
  • 1 match on April, 28.

Furthermore, the Mid-Season Invitational is going to take place from May 1 to 19 in China with 12 qualified teams. This is one of the important tournaments and one of the popular among eSports bettors on GGBet. With such a reliable betting provider, one can follow both minor championships, local and private events for amateur teams and World Championship where the best teams from all over the world compete for the biggest prizes.

A few hints for bettors

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LoL is a famous eSports discipline with millions of fans. It is not enough to understand the rules of the game to successfully bet on it. It is also important to be able to determine the strength of the teams and the personal level of the players. For this, we advise you to pay attention to the following aspects.

First of all, study the team’s starting line-up when placing a bet on the outcome of the match. By analyzing the teams’ past games and their win rate, you can find out who is stronger and who is weaker. It is also necessary to consider how well the team works together and which characters it chooses in the game.

It is common for a participant to be replaced at the last moment or on the day of the tournament in the world of eSports. Therefore, before placing a bet, it is necessary to follow the latest news on the official portals of the teams and on social networks.

Another significant factor that can determine the outcome of the game is the selection of characters. Some of them have advantages or disadvantages over others in different conditions, so it is important to know the stats of players on different heroes and their cooperation with other team members.

In online betting, one can bet on which hero will be banned by teams. This is necessary to equalize the playing chances and prevent the opponent from choosing too powerful character. Bans can be the deciding factor in determining the winner of a game.

Method of organization of the tournament also affects the communication and mental state of the players within the team. In tournaments at special venues, players can discuss strategy and share important information in person, while online events can be more relaxed due to the absence of spectators.

Altogether, the better is your background and analysis of the game and teams, the more precise can be your predictions. If you are new to LoL, try to follow it as a spectator at the beginning and then proceed to betting. In any case, the events are held constantly, so you’ll always be able to find the one to follow or bet on.