The world is changing fast. Technology has drastically changed how industries change and interact with each other, and the only way to succeed as a business is to recognize how to combine what is traditional and what is new. has achieved this perfect combination by becoming one of the first online casinos to participate in sports betting for Electronic Sports, or eSports.

For the last 10 years, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of eSports. The pandemic had a huge influence on its growth as the considerable amount of free time people suddenly permitted people to find sites like Twitch or streaming services on other major platforms like YouTube or Facebook. The average amount of viewers skyrocketed, and streamers became mega-popular. This has created more awareness around eSports, and subsequently, more money has been pumped in. Since 2020, the value of the eSports industry has increased by almost 50% and is currently equal to 1.38 billion dollars. This is a new industry that is emerging fast and promising huge benefits.

If we combine the eSports scene with the traditional model of gambling, specifically online gambling, then there is enormous potential. In 2022, the betting industry was estimated to be worth 85.6 billion dollars, and projections made to calculate its growth to the year 2030 estimate that it will grow 10% per year, a massive increase. Most traditional sports betting is for sports that have been around for decades. So there may be growth, but it’s fairly small and linear, whereas with eSports, the growth is exponential and huge.

At, you can place bets on some of the biggest eSports games out there: CounterStrike 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Valorant. League of Legends alone has over 115 million players worldwide, with over 6 billion hours of content streamed in 2023. The World Championships had a prize pool of 2.23 million dollars and peaked at almost 6.5 million concurrent viewers. This is just scratching the surface, too, as many people who have grown up on video games are still under 18 and can’t gamble. As they reach adulthood in the next 5-7 years and have disposable income, we may very well see the idea of a good time shift from betting money on traditional sports drastically shift towards eSports.

It’s easy to go down a traditional path, especially in an industry that is so lucrative, such as gambling. The businesses that remain will be the ones that are constantly trying to improve the experience for their players. Sites like are on the cutting edge of both the games people want to bet and watch, and new technology like cryptocurrency. These are the aspects that will appeal to the new way of experiencing casinos in our increasingly digital world: online casinos with games and sports that the new generation will want to watch, with easy accessibility to anyone with an internet connection.