The original Destiny was a game that left no one indifferent. Many fell in love with her at first sight and supported the project with money and personal time. Others sincerely hated Bungie’s creation for its high price and problems with the amount of content at launch. To ensure that there are even more of the former than the latter, the developers have released the perfect sequel – Destiny 2.

The game won the hearts of fans of this game genre. The sequel was not easy – it will be quite difficult for beginners at first because the game has a lot of content and a well-thought-out developed world. Many people order boosting in Destiny 2 so that professional players can help boost their character or help with coaching. This saves players time and effort. Let’s figure out what makes this game so successful.

Destiny 2 Plot

In Destiny 2, the Guardians of the Earth are once again faced with a truly serious opponent – an elite group of the Cabal race called the Red Legion. Its odious leader Ghaul decides to strike not at the guards themselves, but at the source of their immortality. By capturing the Traveler, an ancient cosmic artifact, Ghaul deprived the Guardians of the ability to be reborn after death. The light is lost, and the battle for the last city of people is lost. Thanks to this plot, Bungie developers were able to explain to players why they needed to start from scratch. The first hour and a half of the game is imbued with a tragedy that is very unexpected for the series. The wounded player character wanders the ruined streets, hiding from the marching cabals and trying to find his most important ally – the ghost. A guard without light is no stronger than an ordinary soldier. He cannot do double or triple jumps, cannot use special grenades, or use other gifts of the Wanderer. A fight with even a small group of opponents can be your last, and the only way to survive is to find a new Light for yourself.

Searching for light

The path leads the player to the European Dead Zone, in the depths of which a fragment of the Wanderer has been lying for many years. It is to him that all the surviving guards are drawn together to regain strength and take revenge on the invaders. The plot of Destiny 2 is presented through very beautiful cutscenes and dialogues. There are much more of both of them. Almost every hour and a half, the developers show a small but very cool video, and dialogues accompany the player constantly. As the developers promised, a lot of attention was paid to the plot. Whereas previously most information about the game world was only available through text notes in the grimoire on, now it is directly in the game – in its dialogues, briefings, audio diaries, and even item descriptions. The biggest difference in terms of plot is, perhaps, greater realism. The first part had a strange aura of mystery and was somewhat reminiscent of a fairy tale, only in the scenery of the distant future. Everything was simple: the guards represented good and fought evil, this was the main leitmotif of the entire game. Destiny 2 also often leans towards a narrative of good and evil, but its plot still feels more adult and pragmatic. The Guardians aren’t so much pitting themselves against the darkness as trying to salvage what little they have left. They help people, establish infrastructure, plan sabotage and gradually gain strength to retake their home from the Red Legion.

Gameplay structure

What’s the first thing you need to know about Destiny 2 gameplay? This is still the same first-person shooter with role-playing elements that console players loved so much in 2014 when the original was released. The developers did not make fundamental changes, limiting themselves to reworking many mechanics towards small improvements. Previously, the game’s content could be divided into several categories: story missions, strikes, raids, online battles, dynamic patrols with repeating content, and open events. The main problem with this approach was the relatively small amount of content, which sometimes meant that players had to replay the same levels to reach the desired level. This was felt especially strongly at the launch of the project when the entire plot could be overcome in literally 6 hours and the rest of the time you had to gain experience either in multiplayer or by grinding patrols. Without a multiplayer subscription, leveling up was completely limited to replaying story missions and patrols. Along with the expanded story, Bungie has placed a huge emphasis on single-player content. No more monotonous patrols, instead of them there are now so-called adventures. In essence, these are short tasks indirectly related to the main story. But there are a lot of them – for each story mission, there are 3-4 adventures.

Destiny 2 leaves a strictly positive feeling; the game has no significant flaws. The developers from the Bungie team took into account all the shortcomings of the original and created the perfect sequel, which became the basis for the release of new content over the years.