Survival games give video game enthusiasts the right dose of adrenaline boost that they need. These games are tough, thrilling, and enjoyable at the same time. However, those who are new to the world of gaming understand that the right gaming setup is a necessary prerequisite for having a great gaming experience.

Playing Survival Games: Setting Out On An Adventurous Journey

People who play survival-based games use the enshrouded server to ensure that they face minimum glitches or external disruptions while they indulge in a survival-based challenge. It is very easy to set everything up appropriately if you choose a professional provider for the Enshrouded Server Hosting.

The enshrouded server hosting is a dedicated server that is used for hosting video games. The enshrouded server has the RAM setup, CPU capacity and the requisite bandwidth that is necessary for enjoying survival games. So, if you already have an enshrouded server hosting, here are some great open-world survival games that you must give a try.

Neo Scavenger

It is an exciting video game that can soon turn deadly because Neo Scavenger is a permadeath challenge, meaning that a character that dies does not reappear. So, when you die, you can restart the game with a new life, but the map gets reconfigured. So you do not repeat the same path and do not face the same challenges in the next round of the game. The game is merciless where even a little scratch can kill a player. However, a player also possesses the ability to gain better traits or powers when he murders a mutant.


In this particular game, the player has to survive on wooden planks and constantly battle the devils of the sea. So, if you ever wanted to battle a shark, consider playing raft.

Sons Of The Forests

If shipwrecks and plane wrecks or the idea of surviving on an isolated yet dangerous island excites you as a player, sons of the Forest is definitely worth playing. The players are survivors of a plane crash, but they find themselves on an island that is inhabited by cannibals. However, the cannibals are not the only challenge the player has to hunt for basic necessities like food and water. The player also has to protect themselves against the wild animals that inhabit the island.


This exciting game promises the players a glimpse of a mythical underwater world that has coral reefs and deep sea trenches. However, the main task is to craft a submarine while the player is underwater. So, if creating survival tools and devices is your thing, then Subnautica promises an exciting and fruitful journey.

Final Words

Survival video games are a very popular genre of video games and a player learns to ace these games only with consistent practice. So, if you are new to the world of open-world survival games, you can start by playing the games suggested above so that you can improve your skills and also enjoy your time while you play.