What is the difference between online clubs and eSports? Is there anything in common or not? Actually, these industries are much closer than it might seem at first glance. Those users who have already tried both areas appreciated the synergy of these two areas.

They are developing rapidly but they have some unique features. As eSports are often confused with gambling, here we unveil the necessary details about both.

Basics and some features

Both online clubs and ecommon Sports are gaining more and more popularity. They are somehow different but have several common features. Let’s figure out what these two concepts have in common and take a closer look at their similarities.

Gambling is a traditional form of entertainment, where people spend time in slot machines and other gaming options looking forward to winning. For instance, the online casino GGBet is a trusted example with a high level of service and security, a wide assortment of entertainment, and easy access.

Cybersport is a competition between people in computer or mobile games at a professional level. Cyber sports is a variety of competitions in the format of a computer game. They are usually classified as gaming, but only until it comes to predicting their results. In this case, it is related to chance because there is an element of risk due to utilizing money.

One of the main common features of these two areas is that in both cases people are engaged in competitive activities and wish to win. In gambling, it can be a cash prize, while in eSports, it can be a victory in a competition and a reward from sponsors. In both cases, there is an element of risk, where winning and losing depends on the right decisions and skills of the participants.

Therefore, online games and eSports are variations of gambling entertainment in which it is possible to win money. Now, betting and eSports belong to the same category. The audience of those who want to guess the outcome of the event is growing rapidly every year. Accordingly, the number of clubs and platforms that provide this service has also increased.


However, there are some differences between these two industries. First and foremost, gambling is a form of entertainment where people risk their money with the hope of becoming winners. In cyber sports, players engage in professional activities, training, and competitions for money and fame.

In addition, it is a more structured industry with rules and regular competitions. There are professionals, as well as tournaments that are held throughout the year at various levels. Gambling, on the other hand, often depends on chance and is more about entertainment and excitement.

Another important difference is the audience. Gambling mainly attracts the attention of those who want excitement and a chance to win. eSports has a large audience, including fans of teams and players. These competitions are often played in front of large audiences and streamed online, making it a popular mass phenomenon.

    Also, both industries differ in the types of entertainment. Usually, you can play the following games for money in clubs:

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  • slots – drum slot machines with different themes, plots, additional rounds, jackpot draw, etc.;
  • games with live dealers who work in a special studio;
  • crash games for those who want an adrenaline rush;
  • card games.

Demo games are also available. Therefore, only you decide how to play. One can register and play in the club for real money, or use virtual credits for free play.

Popular eSports genres include team strategy games MOBA, first-person shooters, virtual hand-to-hand combat, and real-time strategies.

The most popular modern options include LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, VALORANT, Fortnite, PUBG, StarCraft 2, and others. The competition of these sports attracts the most gamers, as high prizes are at stake.

Therefore, gambling and eSports share common features such as competition and an element of risk, but they differ in their essence and purpose. Gambling is a gambling activity where people bet money playing slots or live games, while eSports is a professional industry where participants compete in computer games to win and be rewarded. Both fields are often confused, but they differ significantly. Still, gambling and eSports find their supporters and influence modern culture.