In the ever evolving digital era, most of our activities are gradually shifting online. The Covid pandemic has accelerated this shift as observed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela. For the past decade, we have seen many failed attempts to shift our daily life into the virtual world. From web3.0 to the highly publicized Metaverse failure by Meta (previously Facebook), these endeavors has mainly been a fad.

Despite all these misfiring, there is one industry who took full advantage of the digital sphere and capitulated its business to tremendous success. 

Online Igaming History

The Igaming industry has seen its ups and down over the past 30 years since internet was first been introduced in the 90s. It was deemed a game changer for the Igaming industry when it was initially launched. One no longer had to travel down to the brick and mortar casino or lottery station to place their bets. With the click of a mouse, you can basically place your bets easily from the comfort of your home. 

One game that enjoyed a huge boom in popularity is none other than online poker. Poker used to be a game played by men in back room or casino room filled with smoke. This was mainly contributed by the fairy tale story of Chris Moneymaker who won the 2003 main event through a measly $86 satellite tourney. During its boom years, people playing online poker doubled every year. 

Situs Togel Popularity

As with most online activities, we have come a long way since the early days of using dial up internet connection and  slow software. With the Iphone now possessing more computing power than Nasa moon mission, the current situs online are highly interactive, sophisticated and packed with many games.

With the highly lucrative nature of these Situs Online, it is no wonder that they have mushroomed considerably during the past 5 years. During the worst period of the pandemic when many people are forced to be locked down at home with no way to travel, many turn to playing lottery and games online as a way to pass their time and de stress.

One of the most popular game offered by these platform are Togel. Togel is a form of lottery which is highly popular in Asia and is even nationalized by many country. Players enjoy the thrill of picking their own combination numbers and watching the result being drawn live to see if they have won the jackpot. 

Situs Togel Choices And How To Pick Them

With so many choices to pick, one often wonders what are the criteria in picking a good situs togel. As such, I have compiled a list of 5 tips for the best way in choosing the right situs togel.

1) Current Number Of Member 

The first tip is to use social proof. If a situs togel has a large player pool and has been operation for a long period of time. It is almost always a good indicator that it is a good choice. To gauge the number of members, you can join their Facebook group, Whatsapp group or Telegram group and see the number of members inside the group. 

A second way to gauge the number of members is through searching via google trends. Just enter the name of the situs togel in the google trends and see the number of daily searches to get a rough idea of its number of members

2) The Type Of Togel Being Offered 

A good situs togel needs to offer many togel market in order to satisfy the demands of the players. Each player has their own preferences and with a large pool of available choices, everyone can enjoy their own preferences. In general , the top 5 togels are Hongkong, Singapore, Sydney, Toto Macau and Cambodia.

3) Deposit And Withdrawal Method 

Players also need to take note of the methods of deposit and withdraw offered by the situs togel. They need to be able to accommodate Bank Transfer, E-wallet and Crypto.  

4) Prize Of Jackpot

One of the most important factor for players in choosing a situs is the jackpot prize being offered. Select and analyze carefully the payout for each game and always select the situs with the highest payout.

5) Service Of The Situs 

A good situs always treat their member well. Usually a good situs has VIP program, Bonus for new members and great loyalty program. Take advantage of all bonus and promotions offered to maximize your winning chances.


Navigating the world of online Igaming can be quite a scary prospect if you are a beginner. But by following this guide, one can very reliably identify the best situs togel of your liking.