In the evolving world of collectibles, a revolutionary wave is sweeping through the market, and its name is superplastic. This cutting-edge material known for its flexibility, durability and intricate detailing capabilities is reshaping the landscape of anime-inspired figures. From iconic characters like Guggimon to the quirky Janky creations, superplastic figures are captivating the hearts of anime enthusiasts with their dynamic designs and sculpturing.

The Rise of Superplastic Figures: An Artistic Evolution

Superplastic figures are so loved, as they usually incorporate both art and anime. Some of them include:


At the forefront of the superplastic revolution is Guggimon, a character that bridges the gap between urban art and anime aesthetics. The distinctive design of the Guggimon figure, with its skeletal features and graffiti-inspired elements, showcases the limitless possibilities that superplastic materials bring to character creation. The flexibility of the material allows for intricate details, ensuring that every line and curve is sculpted into the Guggimon design as desired.

The emergence of Guggimon marks a departure from traditional static figures, offering collectors a dynamic and poseable piece of art. The superplastic material captures the essence of Guggimon’s urban roots and allows enthusiasts to interact with the figure in previously unimaginable ways. This fusion of art forms represents a paradigm shift in the collectibles industry, as the boundaries between urban art, anime and collectibles blur into a captivating and tangible form.


Enter the whimsical world of Janky, a character that epitomizes the playful and eclectic nature of superplastic figures. The ethos of Janky design revolves around embracing imperfections, celebrating uniqueness and defying traditional norms. With superplastic as the chosen medium, Janky figures come to life with a level of flexibility that mirrors the character’s carefree spirit.

The quirky and irregular features of Janky, such as mismatched eyes and unconventional accessories, showcase the versatility of superplastic in capturing the essence of the unconventional. The material’s ability to bend and flex adds an element of surprise, allowing collectors to customize the pose and personality of their Janky figures. This departure from static poses fosters a sense of connection between the collector and the character, as each Janky figure becomes a canvas for personal expression within the bounds of its whimsical world.

The Superplastic Experience: From Collectible to Interactive Art

One of the defining features of superplastic figures is their unparalleled property of being shaped into any pose desired. Unlike traditional static collectibles, superplastic allows for a wide range of movement, enabling collectors to create dynamic and expressive displays. Crafted with precision, the joints in the figure hold it in place while providing the flexibility needed for lifelike poses.

Guggimon and Janky in particular, exemplify the dynamic design revolution brought by superplastic. Collectors can pose Guggimon in urban-inspired stances, capturing the essence of street art in three-dimensional form. With their playful and irregular features, Janky figures can be positioned with countless poses, transforming each figure into a miniature work of interactive art.

Customization and Personalization: A Collector’s Playground

Superplastic figures offer a unique playground for collectors to unleash their creativity. The flexibility of the material allows for easy customization, inviting enthusiasts to personalize their figures with paint, accessories and even 3D-printed enhancements. This level of customization not only adds value to the collectible, but also turns each figure into a canvas for self-expression.

Imagine a Guggimon figure adorned with custom graffiti details or a Janky with personalized accessories reflecting the collector’s unique taste. The superplastic medium empowers enthusiasts to go beyond conventional collecting; it encourages them to become active participants in the artistic journey of their figures. This customization aspect elevates the emotional connection between collector and the collectible, creating a relationship that extends beyond the initial purchase.

The Future of Collectibles

As Guggimon and Janky pave the way for a superplastic artistic renaissance, the future of collectibles looks increasingly dynamic and interactive. The marriage of urban art sensibilities, anime aesthetics and the flexibility of superplastic materials opens doors to a new era in the world of figures and statues. Collectors are no longer passive observers; they are curators of living art, shaping the narrative of their collections with every pose and customization.

Summing Up

The superplastic revolution extends an invitation to anime enthusiasts, urging them to reimagine their connection with collectibles. No longer confined to static shelves, these figures come alive in the hands of collectors, offering a dynamic and evolving showcase of personal expression. As Guggimon, Janky and their superplastic companions lead the charge, the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of collectibles continue to expand. With these, we can expect a future where each figure is not just a piece of art, but a collaborator in the collector’s ongoing narrative.