Many of us have bought games online using a debit card or used an e-wallet to top up an online casino account. But did you know there are actually several downsides to these readily-available and more popular payment methods? In 2023, gamers have more payment options than ever, whether they are playing the latest RPG on a console, making in-app purchases on a mobile game, or crediting their iGaming account to play some slots.

Here are some great alternatives to bank transfers and credit cards to consider next time you need to pay to game:

Other Payment Methods to Consider


A great alternate method to top-up online casino accounts, make online payments, or in-game purchases, is the prepaid voucher method. A typical example of online platforms that cater for this payment method are casinos that accept neosurf – a type of pre-paid voucher that you can buy in-person at a store and use to pay for services online.

Vouchers essentially act as a form of currency. By pre-purchasing a voucher with a set amount loaded onto it, the voucher itself may then be used to perform payment functions like topping up casino accounts or making in-game purchases.

As an alternative to traditional payment methods, vouchers virtually eliminate all risk factors associated with them. Since vouchers are preloaded they do not require the use of credit cards. They also take away the need for the user to provide banking credentials directly in order to play.


Also known as an electronic check, e-checks are what they sound like; basically checks sent electronically. They serve the same function as traditional paper checks but cost far less in fees.

Since e-checks are validated and processed using an Automated Clearing House (ACH), they’re also more secure, and remove the need to use bank cards for payments. In this way, they act as a virtual security upgrade to physical checks, which are notoriously associated with fraud.

QR Codes

As society keeps moving toward a cashless model, contactless payment systems are becoming more and more popular. One of the most accessible with mobile devices is QR codes. These are essentially digital barcodes that smartphone cameras can scan and read.

When used in the context of online casinos and gaming, or making in-game purchases, this payment method provides a hassle-free alternative. Aside from eliminating cards, they are also reliable, safe, quick, and secure.

Why Alternate Payment Methods Should Be Considered?

Traditional payment methods have evolved in line with the growth of mobile gaming. However, they also each come with their own drawbacks and inherent security risks.

To counter this, alternate payment methods can provide a better option. These may vitiate specific issues that other methods are vulnerable to, or simply be a more efficient choice for a particular user.

Factors that may influence whether they represent a better method may include:

  • The user’s location
  • The online gaming platform being used
  • Online security concerns
  • The user’s ability to access them


Traditional Payment Methods and Their Drawbacks

For obvious reasons, traditional payment methods for online gaming and gambling all seek to eliminate having to use cash. To ensure success and the rapid evolution of online gaming spaces, payment methods must be safe, fast, reliable and secure.

Despite this, common payment methods often do come with issues that make them less safe than alternate ones. Here are some of them and the typical drawbacks associated with these methods.

Debit and Credit Cards

The most popular method remains the use of debit or credit cards, which may be used to directly top up online casino accounts.

Despite its popularity, this method still comes with many risks and drawbacks. Aside from being vulnerable to online security risks posed by threats like hackers or identity fraud, some regions also might not accept the particular card a person wishes to use.


E-wallets are digital wallets that store money and can be used for a variety of online payment or shopping services. They have become one of the most popular methods to send and receive money online, internationally, or facilitate online payments.

As convenient as e-wallets are, they rely on a third party provider in order to use them. Famous e-wallet providers include PayPal and Venmo.

Unfortunately, despite e-wallets providing plenty of built-in security features, they are still vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats. Even using them on a public WiFi network can open you up to such risks. Lastly, they still require a bank card and the associated credentials to link to your bank account.

EFTs and Bank Transfers

These traditional methods of payments were once the pinnacle of modern payment methods. However, in the age of online gaming and gambling platforms, they are now seen as outdated and inefficient.

These require a person to perform a bank transaction that transfers money from their account to another. This can be done physically at a bank or ATM, or digitally using an online banking service.

However, this method may take longer to clear depending on things like your region, bank rules, or clearance times associated with particular types of transfers – but they can also be instant in some cases. If done digitally, they also open users up to typical threats associated with digital bank fraud.

As displayed, common payment methods for online gaming and gambling remain popular but do face many drawbacks too. With other payment methods becoming more popular and secure, those listed should be considered since they offer efficient services and great alternatives to avoid common risks.