Memorising the right way to stand, split and even double down on your hand is so important when it comes to blackjack. You will be able to cut the house edge down by around half of what it is normally if you can do this. You will have to stand when you have a hand of 12-16 and if your dealer has a hand of 2-6. You will also have to hit if you have a 12-16 if your dealer has between a 7 and an Ace. When it comes to Aces and 8s, you will want to split. Purchase a basic strategy card when you are next at the casino gift shop if you want to avoid having to memorise all of this.

Don’t Play Insurance

Unless you fully intend on counting cards, you have to avoid making this move. This is another new bet on whether or not your dealer has blackjack. Overall, when it comes to an insurance bet, the first thing you need to remember is that the house will have an advantage of around 6%. If you have a blackjack then you will win back your original bet and not much else. If the dealer has a blackjack when you do, then you will break even. If you want to practice blackjack then BTC gambling sites are a great place to start.

Dealer’s Up

Another thing you need to do is check the dealer’s up card. Before you take any action, check the up card. Do you feel as though it’s bad, or do you feel as though it’s good? If you can ask yourself questions like this then you will be able to decide how things progress and you can also find out what action people are going to take as well which is great, to say the least.’

Don’t Sit on the First Base

It’s so important that you don’t sit on the first base seat. You need to do this in case the dealer ends up rushing. If you can make sure that you sit further down then this will give you more chance to review your hand when it comes to the up card. This might be a small tip but it will end up making a huge difference to your game.

Start Small

Don’t fire on all of your cylinders if your dealer has arrived at the table or if you have a new dealer. You need to start small so you can figure out the situation. Whether the dealer is hot or cold, the casino will never stop. Hot and cold streaks can have a major impact on you as a player. The casino will always have the advantage but if you can take the time to pace yourself and start small then this will give you the chance to go at a pace that suits you. You may also find it easier to make things work in your favour overall, so make sure that you keep this in mind as it could have a major difference and impact on your gameplay.