Just in case you didn’t know, MMORPG is an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, while MMO means Massively Multiplayer Online games. If you’re still wondering what this means, just understand that it involves games where several players join, at the same time, fighting for common or diverse goals.

These games often involve several characters that the player controls, as part of the game features. During the gameplay, these players roleplay these characters, inheriting their strengths and their weaknesses. You’ll find several of these games on the GGBet app, waiting for you to make your pick and enjoy in-app betting. Let’s check out some popular ones available on smartphone gaming platforms.

Popular Mobile MMORPG/MMO Games

Do you want to play any game on your smartphone that involves several online players vying for the same rewards? Say no more! Check out our list of top Android/iOS online multiplayer and roleplaying games below, in no particular order.

Villagers & Heroes

Released in 2011, this game was initially titled Mystical Land and was created by Mad Otter Games. There are five categories of characters, namely; The Wizards, Hunter, Warrior, Priest, and Shaman. The player chooses any of these characters, and role plays it during the duration of the game. There are also numerous professions that characters can play like cooking, fishing, mining, tailoring, etc. You can find this game on any phone store, whether Android or iOS. In fact, it is considered one of the best cross-platform MMORPG games. And if you’ve only had a taste of its immersive gameplay, there’s no doubt about this!

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

This game is a next-gen wonder and has had mobile gamers on the prowl in the years since its release in 2019. Expect the most stunning graphics, soundtracks, and gameplay possible. This MMORPG game has received positive reviews from the players, and that’s all good for the creators, Gravity Interactive Inc. In comparison with the previous Ragnarok Online game, this one betters it in many aspects. You’ll be required to pick a class and customize your appearance. Choose from the options of Swordsman, Warrior, Acolyte, etc., and explore the Norse heritage.

Black Desert

This game was created by Pearl Abyss, a Korean game developer. The MMORPG is popular among mobile gamers, especially as it boasts several unique qualities. The fantasy game was released on other platforms starting in 2014 but had its mobile version dubbed “Black Desert Mobile”, released in 2019. Black Desert Mobile is similar to third-person shooter games, owing to its gameplay, controls, and movement of its characters. This game that depicts a conflict between nations, Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia, involves several battles, making for a well-spent time gaming.

Genshin Impact

Follow the action into this fantasy world of seven kingdoms, ruled by seven different gods, and affiliated to different elements. A traveller who was separated from his twin is on a quest to find his lost siblings. On his journey, he encounters several mysteries of his land. This story is unique, and so is the gameplay. This action game involves combat, where a player controls one of four characters. During combat, the players can switch characters seamlessly, allowing them to better adapt to the fighting conditions of each fight. We are sure your Android/iOS gaming experience won’t be the same after this.

In Total

MMORPG/MMO games are still on the rise, and one way they’re making waves is through mobile devices. By making the games available on Android and iOS platforms, mobile gamers can achieve the same feeling that is gotten from more traditional game consoles. When you consider how good the games mentioned are, you’ll understand just how exciting MMORPG/MMO games on mobile devices are.