If you go to YouTube and enter a query, for example, “efootball league” or “esports league,” the number of views can reach at least 12 thousand in the last 7 hours.

Esports shows how much the various audience’s attitude towards this type of competition has changed. The opening ceremony of the 141st session of the International Olympic Committee on Saturday in Mumbai, India, revealed that the institution plans to create an esports Olympic Games. This announcement was preceded by the first Olympic week of esports in Singapore.

At the moment, the committee members did not name any exact dates, but even the discussion of the idea proves the authority of the esports community and esports as a whole. People with little interest in such topics would probably be surprised, but ardent fans of esports content can only rejoice.

In contrast to the hesitation of the IOC, marketers are increasingly paying attention to positive interaction with the esports market. Currently, there is a tendency to focus on incorporating their products or logos into the gaming environment, which creates a lasting association between the brand and the game.

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