TV show games are among the most entertaining programs to appear on the broadcasts. They provide fun and excitement like no other. For a long time, they were only available to play if you were lucky enough to get on the show.

But, now thanks to the gaming sites, you can enjoy live-action games from the comfort of your home. One of them is Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, which is similar to Wheel of Fortune. Here you can read about the best strategies that you can use while enjoying this fun game.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy is very logical and easy to use on Crazy Time. You start off by determining the bet, based on your available budget. Now, place an equal bet on the four bonus fields.

If your initial bet is €1, then you will need to place €4 for the first round. You will need to double your bets in case you don’t hit one of the bonus fields. Now, this means that for the second round, you must spend €8.

You continue the same approach until you hit the desired fields. After that, you go back to the initial bets. The martingale strategy is also useful for the other types of bets when you play live casino games such as Crazy Time, but the bonus rounds provide bigger rewards.

Safe Play Strategy

With this strategy, you will need to avoid the bonus rounds on the wheel. This means that you are playing only on the numbered fields. It is one of the safest strategies that you can use for this live-action game.

This is because the winning fields are often the numbered places. Here, the “1” has 21 segments on the wheel. There are a total of 45 numbered segments out of the available 54 fields. It goes without saying that you have the best chances of winning while playing on these segments.

The main idea of this strategy is to get smaller but more frequent wins. A good way of playing is betting for instance €2 on 10, 5, and 2, while using €4 for the 1 section.

High-Risk Strategy

This is a strategy for experienced players who have a big budget to spend. It can quickly drain your available funds, so be careful with it.

The main goal of this strategy is to play big or go home. With it, you are only using the Crazy Time segment, which has the lowest probability of hitting. The percentage of entering this bonus round is only 1.85%. But, when that does happen, it will provide some very lucrative rewards.

Start off, by placing an amount of your choosing. Then, enable the Autoplay option and select the number of rounds that you wish to play. Lastly, confirm the play, sit back, and wait for the Crazy Time bonus round to land on the wheel.

If you manage to trigger this bonus game, then you start off by selecting the colour of the flapper. The wheel features 64 segments containing multipliers, Double, and Triple wins.