The biggest Dota 2 event: what is coming?

The main Dota 2 championship is going to be held in the US from October 12 to 29. Many avid gamers and fans are waiting for The International 2023, in which 20 teams will compete. The tournament takes place in LAN format. It’s going to be a great interest and quite unpredictable.

What, where and when: the basics of the event

The International was the first such event for Dota 2 and the largest annual eSports competition. Valve conducts it every year. The first one was organized in Cologne in 2011.

    This year, the organizers have changed the format a bit. Namely, the group stage will be separated into two parts:

  • At the first one, participants will be divided into four groups and play in a best-of-2 format;
  • According to the results obtained, the four teams that will leave the process will be known;
  • The remaining players continue the battle and play one play-off match in the best-of-3 format.

This stage will be organized from October 12 to 15. Then, a pause is planned. The playoff matches will resume on October 20. The teams will compete in a double-elimination format with bo3 matches and in the finale they will play up to three wins. The grand finale is planned for the night of October 30.

As for the participating groups, they were selected in two ways. The majority received slots based on their results in the Dota Pro Circuit. There are 12 such teams. Eight more teams were chosen for the championship through regional competitions.

As the event is approaching, it is high time to follow the odds on Dota 2 matches to bet online and watch streams to stay alert about all that is going to happen during this tournament.

The greatest event ever: why everyone is waiting for Int 2023

This tournament series for Dota 2 is held by Valve. The final part at first brought together 16 best teams, from 2017 their amount was made 18 and from 2022 we followed the battle of 20 teams.

Since 2011, The International tournaments have been held once a year and are the most important and prestigious event in Dota 2, both in terms of the prize and the participants. This event is considered the equivalent of the World Cup in other sports. Thus, those who win, get the highest achievement.

The prize fund of the first battle was $1.6 million. It has been increasing all the years and, for instance, in 2021, exceeded $40 million. Since 2013, the fund has been partly formed via crowdfunding. Thus, before the event, every player is able to buy a special set of bonuses in the in-game store. Part of the funds from sales goes to the fund.

Some of the competitors receive invitations, while others move through regional qualifications. The most powerful teams were invited by organizers only for the first time. Then, more and more teams started to join the game through competitions.

When it comes to the final, the group option is played. According to its results, the lower and upper bracket is determined. Each match is played up to two victories. Those who lose in the upper bracket fall into the lower one. At this point, they still have a chance to reach a champion’s position. If it is defeated in the lower bracket, it is eliminated from the competition.

Final games are usually played on a stage in front of spectators. This did not happen only during the COVID-19 pandemic when the stands stayed empty. After getting the results of all brackets, the grand finale is organized to determine the champion. This match lasts until one of the teams wins three times.

The main award is called Aegis of Champions. It is a bronze and silver shield made by Weta. The front side depicts the fight between the light and dark sides, and on the back side, the names of all the winners of The International are engraved.

Thus, this event is joined by the best players and that is why fans are so interested and wait for it. Hopefully, this year The International will be as great as always.