If you’ve been at a crypto casino lately, you’ve seen many crash games featured on the front page. They offer a completely different experience compared to slots, blackjack, or roulette. These are chance-based games designed to mimic the volatility of the crypto market, and as such, they’re very exciting to play. And dangerous if you’re not careful with your budget.

By definition, crash games are modern online casino games specifically created for crypto enthusiasts. They mostly imitate the trading markets. They are much faster paced than any other casino games, and very easy to play. The goal of crash games is to cash out before you lose it all, which can be tricky as there’s no way of knowing when the multiplier crashes. Many call them a calculated rage quit, but they have their benefits as well.

Features of Crash Games

Crash games are among the simplest games you’ll find in crypto casinos. You can find more info about crash games gambling on this page, which also points out their simplicity. But don’t mistake it for penny games. The multiplier in some cases can reach hundreds or thousands of times your bet, and with high bets available too, it can be a rewarding, if a bit stressful experience.

Unlike slots, don’t expect to see fancy bonus rounds or special features here. They begin with a limited betting round, and then once the action’s underway, all you have to do is cash out before the multiplier crashes. These are usually aviator-game types with a plane that flies higher and higher until it hits the largest multiplier or crashes down to earth.

You have no control over the payout. It’s either win or lose. Sometimes, the plane (multiplier) will crash after a few seconds. Other times, you’ll see it reaching heights worth several hundred times your bet. Either way, you’ll be on the edge of your set, and that’s what makes these games so exciting.

Types of Crash Games

There are several different types of crash games, but they ultimately have the same goal. They’re volatile just like the crypto space and designed to be played with Bitcoin. With that being said, the gameplay from one to another greatly differs.


Aviator is the original crash game. It has a plane in the lead role that flies across the multiplier curve, reaching impressive heights or crashing down to earth. You have the option to cash out at any time so keep your finger on the trigger.

Trust Dice

It’s one of the simplest crash concepts based on the game of dice. You place a bet, roll the dice, and try to guess the correct number on the roll. The game also comes with a jackpot that offers amazing prizes.


Based on the concept of Japanese pachinko, Plinko lets you drop a ball through a field of pegs or obstacles. There are multipliers on the bottom that determine your payout, and you get to pick between low, medium, and high risk. The higher the risk, the better the payouts, but of course, it comes down at a higher price.


Mines is a crypto crash game based on the iconic Minesweeper. It’s quite a risky game as there’s no strategy that can help you win, but that’s what makes it exciting. Click on the fields to open and reveal either a cash prize or a bomb that results in the end.