Due to their massively multiplayer nature, MMORPGs are most often associated with PC gaming. But many games are making the jump to mobile, not only to appeal to a brand-new demographic but also to offer cross-play experiences to seasoned players. That being said, do MMORPGs really have a mobile future? With several success stories to count, the mobile market no longer feels like the final frontier for the genre. So, let’s dive right into some of the best MMORPGs to discover or revisit on mobile devices.

Albion Online

We kick off this list with what is perhaps the very best MMORPG iteration on mobile. Surprisingly enough, the mobile version of this multiplatform fantasy game gained more popularity than its PC counterpart. Set in a medieval universe inspired by the Arthurian Legends, Albion Online boasts a vast open world full of PVP zones with different levels of risks and quests. Players can partake in a long list of activities to rack up Fame, which grants them access to stronger gear.

Wearing the best equipment is key as the game revolves around a classless skill-based progression system. And in this player-driven title, all items and equipment stem from other community members. Even the economy is all about what players make it out to be. Gathering resources and crafting are also of the essence, along with forming alliances with fellow guilds.

RuneScape Mobile

RuneScape has been around for over twenty years. This 2001 classic took close to two decades to land on iOS and Android. And one of the most beloved MMORPGs of all time is just as addictive on mobile devices as on PC. A bona fide extension of the historical game, this mobile-optimized cross-play title allows hardcore players to keep up with their sessions on the go.

If retro gaming is more your thing, you might also feel like going back in time with Old School RuneScape. This community-based revisitation of a 2007 title, where gamers can vote in a poll to suggest new additions and updates, builds upon the series’ vanilla gameplay with a vintage flair. And despite its purposefully old-fashioned looks, Old School RuneScape has arguably eclipsed its grown-up sibling in terms of player count on mobile.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love takes upon the classic Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online. But while this mobile version essentially plays out on the nostalgia when it comes to soundtrack and mobs, Ragnarok Origin is still a fun title to explore for all gamers with a knack for Norse mythology. And fans of all things Asgard and Valhalla can discover many more Scandinavian-themed massively multiplayer titles, such as the cross-platform MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising and the survival RPG Valnir Rok. Northmen also play center stage in triple-A RPGs like God of War: Ragnarök and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Even the iGaming industry drew inspiration from the fierce warriors from the North with slots like Nordic Vikings and Valkyries of Odin. And top platforms reward users with free spins to explore their extensive catalog. Newcomers and seasoned players can claim deposit free spins when funding their bankroll. Those gamers unwilling to put any money on the line might grab free spins no deposit upon signing up on a new platform. While daily and monthly offers await players, they may also rank well in slots tournaments to get free spins.

Villagers and Heroes

In Villagers and Heroes, players embark on heroic adventures against formidable monsters. That is unless they’d rather kick back and put all the fighting to rest to live a laid-back country life. Just like the title says, you can either go on quests of epic proportions and raid lairs to discover fabulous bounties, or take things slower by spending your time fishing, tending to your pets, or gardening.

This 3D fantasy world leaves much room for exploration as well, allowing you to travel alongside thousands of community members across icy mountains, shadowy caverns, and emerald forests. You might even share a village to grow and improve with your friends. Perhaps the world’s largest cross-platform MMORPG, this free-to-play social entry boasts both immersive lore and thrilling story-driven quests.

MMORPG players can now transition seamlessly from desktop computers to mobile devices to enjoy historical titles and innovative games alike. And the evolution of mobile games doesn’t end there. From multiplayer role-playing games to remasters of vintage classics and brain-scratching puzzlers, mobile games now cater to all gamers, no matter their playing style.