The development team at Old School RuneScape is working diligently to refine its community polling for its upcoming release of the Ruinous Powers, the game’s first new Prayer. The team has also been actively seeking feedback from the community on how to improve Bounty Hunter rewards.

During the first round of polling, the community was split on their preferences due to varying playstyles. As a result, the team has decided to conduct another polling round after incorporating feedback from the initial round. This feedback helped the team understand the various playstyles and allowed them to make small changes and scrap certain options.

One proposal that was initially put forward was Overprotection, which would protect two items upon death but drain the player’s health by 25% while active. However, concerns about this option in PvP have led the team to shelve it, at least for the time being. The team is still interested in receiving feedback on alternative options that would work in the same area as Protect Item.

The team has also decided to scrap all of the Skilling-focused options for the Ruinous Powers, stating that surveys showed support for skilling prayers, but they didn’t feel like the right fit for the Ruinous Powers. The team remains committed to beefing up what they are offering for Skilling in the future.

In addition to refining the Ruinous Powers, the team has added a couple of new options. Berserker works similarly to Preserve but focuses only on combat stats. The team has also introduced passive Ancient Element prayers, called Vows, which allow players to embody different elements.

The team is also seeking feedback on Bounty Hunter rewards, which are tailored towards PvP. The rewards will be obtained in a PvP mini-game, along with PvP-related cosmetics. The team is considering tweaking older equipment, such as the Ancient Warrior’s Equipment, to bring them up to speed as best in slot gear for PvP use only. Additionally, the team is seeking feedback on some XP items.

Players can read the full Bounty Hunter polling feature over at Old School RuneScape and provide their feedback to help shape the future of the game.

Summary of Changes
  • Adjusted Gambit to be an offensive overhead that grants +8% Accuracy with all styles.
  • Clarified a ‘wind-up’ mechanic on Metabolise, meaning its effects (including its deactivation effect) won’t trigger unless it’s been active for a few ticks beforehand. Similar to Preserve, which needs to be active for 15 seconds in order to take effect.
  • Reduced Rebuke’s increased damage taken from 25% to 15%.
  • Clarified that Vindication’s damage boost only lasts for 6 seconds (or 10 ticks) to prevent people ‘pre-potting’ its effect.
  • Removed Conservation, Ancient Abundance and Ancient Offering.
  • Removed Overprotection.
  • Adjusted poll questions for overhead protection prayers, and proposed some alternate offerings to Dampen and Absorb prayers.
  • Added ‘Berserker’, which extends the boost duration for Combat stats.
  • Added some Ancient Element prayers called Vows. These are passive prayers that allow players to embody the elements of Ice, Blood, Smoke or Shadow.