All of us when we play video games can’t help but associate ourselves with the main characters, and so we are imbued with their stories and personalities in general. There are so many iconic characters, from Mario to Nathan Drake – these characters are loved by millions of fans around the world. But which video game characters have the best designs? Here are some of the best characters based on their backstory, character and impact on the video game industry.

Master Chief (Halo)

Master Chief is the face of the Halo franchise and one of the most recognizable characters in video games. His green armor, imposing stature, and quiet demeanor, make him look like a true hero and one of the best-designed characters in gaming. To see where Master Chief goes, 343I chooses to look back at the beautiful books, which for a very long time were perceived to exist apart from the games. They were ignored or rewritten. This feeling was reinforced by the release of Halo: Reach. “Bungie’s “Swan Song” was a retcon of the very first book in the series, The Fall of the Edge. Master Chief’s design has been praised for its sleek and functional look, which perfectly captures the futuristic setting of the Halo universe.

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

He’s a protagonist of the Uncharted franchise. With his rugged and bumbling appearance, quick wit and adventurous spirit, he is a true treasure hunter and one of the most well-designed characters in the games. Nathan perfectly portrays the action-packed and travel-filled world of Uncharted, and his charming personality has made him a fan favorite. From his first appearance on PlayStation 3 to his most recent adventures on PlayStation 4, Nathan Drake remains one of the most beloved characters in the gaming world. During a recent PlayStation Access video, actor Nolan North, who voices Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series of games, was asked why Drake is one of the top PlayStation characters. He gave five main reasons: He remains resilient in all situations, he’s strong, honest, likable and fun.

Kain (Legacy of Kain series).

This character is the key anti hero protagonist. If you are familiar with this universe, you have an idea of the path this character has had to take. Kain – a former nobleman who was despicably murdered by bandits by the Pillars of Nosgoth conspirators. In his desire to take revenge on his killers he gets the power to fulfill his desire, but unfortunately you have to pay for it with bloodlust. Unfortunately, the vampire Kain finds himself the axis of a wheel of events that involves the intrigues of a secret society of guardians with superpowers, Elder God, the time continuum and fate itself. These events transform him into an unbroken man who has done terrible things for the good of the world, and being rejected by the world itself, refuses to sacrifice himself to save Nosgoth. Thousands of years later, this hero, regretting his deeds and his choices as a wise version of himself, embarks on yet another journey in the battle against time.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

The face of the Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid franchise and one of the most beloved characters in video game history. With his gruff voice, grizzled appearance, and stealthy abilities, he’s a true bad-ass and one of the best-designed characters in gaming. From his original appearance in the PlayStation era to his more recent appearances on the PlayStation 3 and 4, Solid Snake remains one of the most iconic characters in the gaming world.

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

Marcus Fenix is the protagonist of the Gears of War franchise and one of the most recognizable characters in video games. With his muscular build, tattoos, and signature chainsaw gun, he’s a true force to be reckoned with. Marcus’ design has been consistently praised for its attention to detail and for capturing the essence of the Gears of War universe.

Marcus Holloway (Watch Dogs)

Marcus Holloway is the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2 and one of the most innovative characters in video games. With his stylish haircut, fashionable clothing, and tech-savvy abilities, he’s a true hacker hero and one of the best-designed characters in gaming. Marcus’ design is a perfect representation of the modern, tech-driven world of Watch Dogs and has been praised for its unique and refreshing look.

To sum, these characters represent some of the best designs in video games. Certainly there are many more characters that we have not had time to cover, in this article, but from their iconic looks to their memorable personalities, these characters are true legends of the gaming world and will remain beloved and remembered by fans for years to come. This is something to look out for when you go to to design character games. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure or science fiction, these characters are sure to impress and entertain you.