When players like to spend big in CS:GO, they go big, but they do so mostly on their most-used weapons. The AWP, AK-47 and M4A1-S are probably the most used weapons in the CS:GO community, so players like to make sure they get their skins right the first time. If you’ve got a few extra thousand bucks lying around and feel like getting yourself a nice AWP skin this year, then you might want to take a look at AWP | Medusa.

AWP | Medusa: Turn ’Em to Stone

As the name implies, AWP Medusa is inspired by the Queen of Gorgons. It was obtained as part of the Gods and Monsters Collection in 2015 and is a fairly exclusive item with an extremely high value. It’s not commonly found within the community due to its more-than-premium price tag.

AWP Medusa

AWP | Medusa has a primarily blue theme and has the image of Medusa (obviously) on its body. You can see Medusa’s face near the buttstock and her snake hair extending towards the barrel. You can find green and blue mixed in the skin, around the hair, and on the face of Medusa herself. The barrel and scope remain unpainted.

It may be a little expensive, but don’t get AWP | Medusa for an even higher price from the Steam market. Instead, try to find a trusted third-party CS:GO trading platform with cheaper skins than the official market. You can use various payment methods at your convenience to complete your transactions and get the skin in your Steam inventory!

AWP | Medusa Float Value and Skin Conditions

AWP | Medusa has a Float Value between 0.0 and 1.00 and is available in all conditions. However, wear and tear don’t work as you think in CS:GO. As the Float Value increases, the green tint of the skin becomes more evident, and at higher values, the skin is known as the “Green Witch” in the community.

Factory New

Price: $2,400 AWP Medusa Factory New

The Factory New version has an overpowering blue with a hint of green at the top of Medusa’s face.

Minimal Wear

Price: $2,289

AWP Medusa Minimal Wear

The skin is mostly the same for the Minimal Wear version, with the green becoming a little more spread out.


Price: $1,891

AWP Medusa Field-Tested

The Field-Tested version is more or less the same for AWP | Medusa as the Minimal Wear version.


Price: $1,467

AWP Medusa Well-Worn

At this high Float Value, the skin color starts to get darker, with the blue fading away.


Price: $1,450

AWP Medusa Battle-Scarred

The skin gets considerably dark for this value, with mostly green remaining. If the Float Value is higher, the color will mostly be black with slight blue and brighter green.