Destiny 2 is an ideological continuation of the Halo series of games and allows the player to plunge into the setting of the distant future in an MMO shooter where humanity is fighting an alien threat and at the same time exploring the planets and fighting each other for valuable prizes.

A beginner may encounter not so much with a lack of understanding of the gameplay – for this there is a built-in and thoughtful game training, but with incorrect conclusions at the beginning and character development with out-of-date metas and subclasses, which will lead to abandoning the game, or character transfer.

Pumping characters is not a bad idea – this way you will try out all three classes and you will be able to understand from your own experience your inclination towards your favorite class.

In addition, even if you want to change the main character, but there is no desire to farm all over again, you can order the destiny 2 boosting service from professional players and get a character ready for the game in a few hours, transfer all the sparkles to it and go to conquer the main content of Destiny 2.

Main classes and subclasses

There are three main classes in Destiny 2, which have three subclasses to choose from (a fourth subclass will be added in the LightFall update)

Titan is a large and strong warrior equipped with heavy armor and small arms. It can create a protective barrier to protect itself and allies from direct damage, but at the same time, the titan is dangerous in close combat due to steel fists and ranged weapons.

Can select sun, lightning, void and stand subclass in lightfall update

Lightning will provide the most significant bonus due to the ability to deal magic damage with lightning in melee even while holding a protective shield. Thus, the titan becomes half the damage dealer, and not just a damage-absorbing tank.

The Warlock is a powerful archer and AoE unit capable of dealing high damage to AoE targets and healing and buffing allies with AoE Magic Fields.

Can choose a Void, Sun, Lightning, or Stand subclass in an upcoming update.

Void will give a significant boost to AoE damage when choosing to develop towards an attacking class, instead of healing and buffing.

The Stand will also be relevant, but you need to wait for the release of the Lightfall update, which was announced for February 2023. The stand will allow you to scatter shrapnel, causing large mass damage to targets within a certain radius.

Hunter is a strong class for destroying opponents from a distance and dealing high damage to a single target. Dangerous in close combat due to daggers and various grenades and traps, but the most valuable and relevant precisely because of shots from distant positions.

The optimal subclass is the sun. Enhances the hunter’s already powerful single attacks, making it an ideal class for taking out long-range targets and fighting bosses and armored targets.


Master one of the simplest but most interesting activities like strikes. They are a mini-raid where a group of three people will have to enter a dangerous zone and fight difficult monsters and a boss to get an enhanced reward.

Strikes are a great way to practice your skills, master the strengths and weaknesses of your class, and require only two allies, which are easy to find.

The equipment knocked out from the bosses will allow you to strengthen the character and speed up pumping.


The most difficult content in terms of PVE. Players will have to unite in large groups to fight stronger opponents than those encountered during farming strikes.

The most valuable raids are mythical. Potentially, they can be completed even in three, but you need to have skillful playing skills on the character and the best equipment. You will have to start with a full group of 15 people.

The best raids in terms of loot are mythical. It is in them that the most effective equipment and weapons of the legendary level are knocked out, but it will not be easy to win.


The final point of all farms is a battle between players to identify the unofficially best player on the server.

Also, PVP is part of the main mechanics, sharpened to get pleasant emotions from competitive activities and a way to get seasonal rewards.

So, participating in the seasonal Trial of Osiris as part of a group of three, you can get a legendary weapon if you win 7 times in a row.

The mode is team vs team matches, where the winners accumulate the number of wins. If you lose, the counter will be reset to zero, but don’t worry – matches are fast and all participants in the event will have a chance to get 7 wins in a row.

The main thing to win correctly is the competent distribution of classes for participating in battles.

If you choose three warlocks, this will not be the best idea, since you will not have a tank that can hold enemies on itself, which contributes to quick damage and loss.

The ideal composition is a tank, a warlock hunter. Tank, warlock, tank.

While your tank is protecting the allies, the enemy will have to bypass the group, use grenades and come up with other ways to destroy the enemy. The tank is destroyed last.