Awp Case: What Lies Inside and Why Every CS:GO Player Wants to Open It

CS:GO has tens of guns, 34 if being exact. They all have cheap and expensive skins, but some iconic weapons get more juice from the developers. And if you want to know which gun has the finest skins, the answer is simple: AWP. And now imagine if all the best AWP skin could be packed in a single case. Most CS:GO players think there is no case like that, but they are wrong.

Get ready to discover what is the CS:GO AWP Case and what are the features of it that made over one million people purchase it.

What Is an Awp Case?

AWP Case is a simple CS:GO loot box, but it contains only AWP skins. Such cases are not available in the official steam market; still, you can find them at separate CS:GO case opening websites. For example, this AWP Case has 33 different skins in it, while 13 of them are in covert quality. Interestingly, such an amazing chance of getting pricey skins is available to anyone just for 4.99$.

What Are the Skins You Get From Awp Cases?

As mentioned, AWP Cases contain the best AWP skins in them. But if being direct, the best items you might get from them are:

  1. AWP Gungnir. Being the most expensive and well-designed AWP skin, Gungnir features stunning ornamental patterns located on the gradient-blue rifle’s body. While the other elements of the skin are painted in a beige color with curly-lined patterns above. The prices of AWP Gungnir range from $4000 to $8500, depending on the wear state of the skin;
  2. AWP Dragon Lore. Adorn your AWP sniper rifle with an amazing picture of the dragon blasting in the same direction you make a shot. The color palette here obviously consists of flaming orange and yellow colors featuring additional ornaments on the gun. Even though the AWP Dragon Lore’s bottom price is around $2000, the Factory New and Souvenir version of the skin costs up to a shocking $430 000. In theory, once you get such skin, you can easily live a couple of years without working;
  3. AWP The Prince. For the Mexican style enjoyers, the Valve has added a beautiful Prince skin with floral patterns and inscriptions. The color palette of the gun is diverse, featuring numerous patterns of olive, black, gray, red, and other colors. The price range of the Prince is from $1900 to $3100;

Those are the most expensive skins but don’t think the other ones are worthless. Among 33 skins, there is just one that costs lower than 1$.

How to Open CS:GO Awp Case?

To open a CS:GO AWP case, you need to go through a couple of easy steps:

  1. Choose a website with AWP Case present. As there are many case-opening websites nowadays, you can spend a couple of hours selecting. But if you are not up to doing research, just use a website with AWP Case we mentioned previously;
  2. Sign up at the platform. Signing Up is an essential step you must take to access a case opening. During registration, you have to mention some of your info and then verify your account via email letter;
  3. Make a deposit. Then, you will need to check out the pricing of the case and make a deposit corresponding to the number of cases you wish to open. Often, case-opening websites feature a wide range of payment options, so throwing your cash in should be smooth;
  4. Open the case. Finally, go to the AWP Case page and purchase it. Right after, you can open it and see what AWP skin you get.

Once you get your skin, you can get it onto your steam account. It is done via trade offer, which will be sent to you by the special bot.

How Many Cases Should I Open?

The amount of AWP Cases to open totally depends on your personal needs. For example, if you seek good-looking AWP skin, just purchase a single case and open it until you get what you like.

In case you want to get profit from such cases, the best strategy would be to define your budget and buy a limited amount of cases. For example, five cases per opening session. But if you seek profit, there is much more to learn about case opening than that. Check out pro case-opening tips so you will know exactly what to do to raise the value of your CS:GO inventory.