Other generic mixed martial arts games pale in comparison to the top UFC games. The UFC video game series has seen its share of knockout releases, despite the fact that it is far from unbeaten.

The finest UFC games, which first appeared in 2000 (with the EA Sports UFC franchise debuting in 2014), have all of your favorite characters (and then some). It’s easy to argue that some editions have been better than others in a series famed for its incredible graphics, wide-ranging career choices, and occasionally buggy controls.

So, if you find the UFC appealing, you might be eager to practice those real-life movements on UFC video games, right? Especially on big fight nights, with great athletes, like the ones you can find if you click here.

But the question, as a great UFC fan, you might be asking yourself is what game on the PS5 is the finest UFC game, though? Well, worry no more, since we have made the final top UFC video games available for PS5.

The EA Sports UFC series

Released in 2014 and developed by EA Canada, the CPU fighters in EA Sports UFC now have improved artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing the player’s opponents to adjust to their play style more effectively mid-game. As a result, the game was much more realistic than in earlier UFC games.

97 UFD fighters from various divisions make up the game’s outstanding lineup. The game also includes a Legends Pack that includes Mark Coleman, Matt Hughes, Quinton Jackson, and Brock Lesnar in addition to the many ordinary fighters that are already accessible.

EA Sports UFC 4

Version number 4 of the EA Sports UFC was released in 2020 by the developer EA Vancouver. And it is one of EA Sports’ more recent UFC video games. Since it is the fourth installment, it has a ton of brand-new material. There are a total of 229 different fighters, with 81 different variations also playable.

It has a career mode, like the previous games in the series, but since it’s designed to teach new players the rules and mechanics of a UFC fighting game, more seasoned players usually ignore it in favor of multiplayer.

Sadly, Joe Rogan didn’t come back to provide voice-over commentary as he did for earlier games. Daniel Cormier and Jonn Anik have taken their place. The game was harshly condemned for including in-game commercials, despite the fact that it does contain changes to fighting styles, gameplay, and other aspects.

The good news is that it is compatible with PS5.

The rumors about EA Sports UFC 5

As aforementioned, a new excursion has been long delayed since EA Sports last launched a UFC game in the fall of 2020 with UFC 4.

However, as there was no indication that a new one would arrive in 2022, there will probably be a bit longer to wait. Instead, reports and a leaked email suggest that the arts series will have a new installment in 2019.

Tom Henderson, a well-known gaming author, tweeted that the team has put Fight Night on hold to concentrate on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As revealed by Henderson on his Twitter account, the version for PS5 will be released in the Summer of 2023.

Along with Henderson’s claims, VGC has also observed an internal email sent to EA Canada workers mentioning UFC 5 and the choice to suspend Fight Night: “We are very excited about UFC 5 and… We want to eliminate the divided approach that various members of our management team have had in recent times so that we can focus solely on the migration and on UFC 5 with high quality”.

Obviously, this is only conjectured at this moment, but it makes sense, especially given that it has been three years since the last game. Additionally, the license EA holds with the UFC probably has a time limit.