The random number generator or number technology is a computer program that produces seemingly random numbers. It is typically used in various combinatorial algorithms, including probabilistic algorithms, simulations, and cryptography. The use of a number generator enables calculations to be performed without having to manually provide input data sets.

The combination of these two technologies creates completely new ways of playing games, as it reduces the amount of human interaction within the game and increases immersion. You can experience the real-life application of RNG here:

Given that, there are additional benefits, such as social integration through virtual reality chat applications and augmented reality, where you can experience your favorite TV shows or music concerts live with other people around the world who also own that same app.

Applications of RNG in the Gaming Industry

Although there are some programs out there that claim to use random number generator technology, most of them contain trademarked or copyrighted names in their titles.

In other words, these programs are not completely random because they use licensed algorithms and specific conditions in order to provide a sort of “randomness.” They don’t create truly random results unless you take the time to study their code and see what makes them actually generate an arbitrary outcome.

While you are choosing any platform for casino games or other games, make sure they are using true and legit RNG by certified authorities.

5 Interesting Facts about Random Number Generator Technology

Random number generator technology has become an important factor in the online gaming industry. From online casinos to other online games, there are countless applications of RNG technology. Below are five facts you should know about random number generator technology:

RNG cannot be hacked

Protection against possible hacks is the basic idea of any technology. Random number generator technology has proven to be a very important element in online gaming. In online casinos and other online gaming sites, RNG technology is used to create unpredictable outcomes to prevent cheating or hacking.

Gaming sites will never share their secrets, so we cannot tell you how they code and design their randomly selection algorithms, but we can tell you that every site claims to have “the best” and “unrivaled” RNG in order to protect their users from being hacked or cheated.

You cannot temper with Random Number Generator

The RNG cannot be tempered or fixed. There is no mathematical approach that can take any RNG and make it predictable, in principle. However, there are approaches that can make the RNG output more predictable or predictable to a certain extent.

Your Data is NOT Open Source

Open-source software is an application that has the ability to be modified, changed, and made functional by other developers. There is no open-source RNG technology out there. The random number generator technology can be built just like any other app; however, you will never be able to see the code behind it. As a result, your data is constant and cannot be changed or manipulated by anyone else except for you.

RNG Uses an Algorithm

A “seed value” to start the RNG is needed. For example, if the algorithm requires 1,000 iterations to produce the desired outcome, a “seed value” of 1,001 would be used to initiate the first 1,000 iterations. The seed value also needs to be unique for each execution; otherwise, the same sequence will be obtained every time.


Most RNGs use a sequence of pseudorandom numbers to produce randomness. Pseudorandom number generators are deterministic algorithms that produce a sequence of numbers that mathematically appear to be random. Although the term is sometimes used as a synonym for true RNGs, it is sometimes used to distinguish non-deterministic from probabilistic algorithms.

Is Random Number Generator Legit?

The answer is both yes and no. In fact, you will find a broad spectrum of answers when you look around. Some people will say that random number generator technology is legit, and some will say that it is not.

If you are looking for a random number generator technology to use in your app, then make sure you are choosing from the legit RNG providers who have undergone many checks to ensure their code actually works in generating random numbers on a computer or any other device.


Random Number Generator technology has proven to be an essential part of the online gaming industry. Online gaming sites will never share their secrets of how they code and design their random selection algorithms; however, we can tell you that every site claims to have “the best” and “unrivaled” RNG in order to protect their users from being hacked or cheated.