Fishing attracts many players, and it is far from uncommon for game developers to incorporate fishing content into their project. In the end, there are players who, apart from fishing, do nothing in the game.

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What you need to know about fishing:

  1. How to learn.
  2. Benefit from fishing.
  3. What can be caught.
  4. The best locations for fishing.

How to start in Shadowlands

Go to Oribos and find two NPCs – Authrin and Aunagle.

Outrin will teach the skill of fishing in the dark lands, and Aunagle will offer many fishing-related goods for sale to the player.

In the Shadowlands, the player can develop their fishing skill up to level 200.

Benefit from fishing

First of all, fishing is a form of leisure and a sedative for certain players, for everyone else, fishing will help to upgrade cooking, or earn gold by selling fish.

The hunter will be able to use the fish to feed his animals and restore the level of hunger.

Necrolords use fish to create accessories for abominations – they will become your clients for fish if you yourself are not one of them.

And there is no better place for a quiet correspondence, or communication in a discord, than while fishing.

What can be caught

  • The disembodied roach is found everywhere, the most common type of fish.
  • The spiky piranha is found only in Revendreth.
  • Silvergill pike is found only in Bastion.
  • Elysian wave is found everywhere, a rare fish.
  • Rainbow seriola is found only in Ardenweald.
  • The gapped albula is found only in Maldraxxus.

Elysian Wave has a low catch chance, but can be increased by finding special holes

Along with fish with a low chance, you will receive additional items.

You may get:

  • A bait for a specific type of fish, increasing the chance of successful catching for that species.
  • Keys for picking locks
  • Bandages that restore health.

Various garbage – broken fishing rods, gloves, earrings and other inapplicable equipment – sell everything to merchants with peace of mind and get your silver and copper.

Best Fishing Locations

World of Warcraft essentially doesn’t limit where you can fish – you can fish on all four continents – except Oribus and the Maw.

Each of the continents was suitable for catching a certain type of fish.

1. Elysian Volnovakha – go to the Bastion, to the Mirror of Purity and go fishing.

The Bastion is considered the safest place for fishing – there are many reservoirs, there is always a master of flights nearby and there are no stray and aggressive monsters that can attack the player.

2. Gnawed Albula – go to Maldraxxus. Be careful, the distribution of flights is far away and the water bodies are shallow – the percentage of unsuccessful casts will be higher. The best place is the Theater of Pain. Of the monsters, only the Abomination is aggressive – avoid his attention by standing on the dirt in the corner. Slugs are harmless.

3. Rainbow Seriola – go to Ardenweald. One of the best places for fishing due to the abundance of water, but fishing here is easier than finding a place – there are a lot of aggressive monsters and shallow waters.

Go to the Starlight site and fish until you get bored – aggressive monsters do not go there and no one will interfere with you.

4. Gnawed Piranha – go to Revendreth. One of the worst places for fishing, but at the same time the only source of this type of fish.

Head to the northeast of the Cemetery of Pride and fish there, there are a lot of monsters, but it’s not very difficult to find the point where they don’t ply.

You shouldn’t go to the Dead Flesh – there are quite shallow water bodies and there will be problems with casting, and a negative effect will also accumulate, which will make the character vulnerable to any threat.