Playing online poker is great practice for playing DeepStack tournaments. You get the advantage of facing massive fields for smaller buy-ins. DeepStack tournaments are the primary make-up of the World Series of Poker.

Practicing DeepStack Poker Tournaments

Playing and practicing in these online tournaments is also a great way to build your bankroll so that you can afford to play those larger buy-in events. Winning money while mastering techniques for greater tournament success is a bonus on the experience.

Priming for these major poker tournaments is essential for success. The only way to understand how to play these tournaments is through practice, learning player tendencies and tournament structures in order to have a valid chance at making the money in these tournaments.

Preparation for the field sizes and the strategic phases of these tournaments is vital for conquering the masses and having the potential to win a bracelet. Coming out on top in one of these events takes tremendous stamina and focus for days at a time.

Focus and Determination

According to website, this focus requires great effort, and only the determined and truly skilled survive long enough to win or even cash. Survival is only part of the battle as relentless yet selective aggression is also crucial to succeeding in these high stakes tournaments.

As an inexperienced live player who received your poker education online, putting more experienced and therefore more skilled players to the test, making constant decisions for all the chips is the way to combat those experienced tournament pros.

This specific strategy is to put the extreme and explained in detail in the book Kill Phil. Other tournament strategy books have also hit the market detailing exactly how to play with and potentially outplay your opponents such as the Harrington on Hold’em series and Arnold Snyder’s Poker Tournament Formula books.

Recommended Poker Tournament Strategy Guides

Kill Phil

The Full Tilt Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition

Harrington on Hold’em series

The Poker Tournament Formula

The Poker Tournament Formula 2

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players

Reading these strategy guides is an excellent way to learn and understand the concepts of tournament poker but perhaps they should all come with warning labels as following one specific strategy too strictly will quickly label you as predictable player.

Being predictable at the World Series of Poker is a death sentence as the world’s top pros will all be there to pick you apart. If you plan to play at the WSOP this summer you don’t want to be labeled as too predictable going in.

The WSOP 2023 is a series of several events where massive fields conglomerate under buy-ins ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 to compete for the largest prizepools in tournament poker. These major events are the showcase of the tournament season.

You would hate to waste the time and effort of travel and the money for buy-ins by not being prepared for your endeavor. Knowing your game and being prepared are the keys to success in the deepstack, high stakes tournaments at the World Series of Poker.

DeepStacks University Review

In the past those who want to perfect their poker skills were forced to either go into their local bookstore, buy a poker strategy book and study or they had to convince a seasoned grinder to teach them how to play. Times, however have changed and DeepStacks University (DSU) is the ultimate place to learn how to play the game of poker. With innovative technology and a faculty of unmatched pros, DSU is the only place to place the complex game of poker and all from the comfort of your home computer.

Why DeepStacks University is the Perfect Poker School

Based upon Reactive Training Technology™ DeepStacks University’s lessons provide a well-rounded training environment with video hand discussions and interactive quizzes that are placed inside the videos. DSU is a compliation of hundreds of training modules, each based upon a specific situation that is presented by one of DSU’s many well known pros.

Each scenario is illustrated in an interactive video that plays and pauses with the pros words. A video of the pro is set to the right of the screen with a virtual poker table illustrating the particular scenario. What sets DSU apart is that questions are thrown inside for the student to answer what is the right play. Every possible answer to every question is couples with a detailed explanation for why your choice was either correct or incorrect.

Rather than passively learning from a book where a player might have trouble visualizing the scenario, at DSU the student plays the hand along with the pro to see what they should do. And unlike a typical strategy video DSU interacts with the student by getting them to answer a series of questions and work on tough poker situations to improve weaknesses in their game rather than watch as a video plays out random scenarios. This means that student don’t have to spend time watching an hour long video hoping to find a single useful tidbit of information.

The Faculty of DeepStacks University

The DeepStacks University pro team is led by Mike Matusow—WSOP bracelet winner—as the Dean of DSU. Mike is backed by some of the biggest names in poker like Michael Binger, TJ Cloutier, Tom McEvoy, Nick Binger, and Andrew Brown just to name a few. In all Team DSU boasts 1 WSOP Main Event Championship, 6 WSOP Main Event final appearances, 16 WSOP bracelets in multiple game variations, hundreds of WSOP & WPT final table appearances, and over $30 million in online and live tournament winnings. Not a bad faculty to be learning from.

At DSU you can easily manage all of the tutorials, viewing favorites to keep your skills sharp as you go through the various levels of training. As a student participates in each lesson they will be given a grade and an overall average to see where their weaknesses are. Rather than teach at you, the lessons teach with you to develop your skills. A book or standalone video is an inefficient way to learn because the student remains passive as the information is being explained to them. At DSU they work with every student inside the lessons to engage and develop their poker skills in all facets of the game through dynamic and enlightening training sessions.

To have access to this amazing poker school, students do have to shell out a decent amount of money, but it is definitely worth it. Tuition starts with a $99 USD sign up fee that includes two months of access to their full library of videos and lessons and $29.95 for every month after that. There is a way to receive a discount. Pokerspace, one of the largest poker social networks in the world, is also the official social network of DSU and offers its members a special discount to the best poker school in the world.

The videos and tutorials can feel a little stiff at times, but this is only because of how new the school is. The DSU team is always adding more videos with helpful and intelligent lessons. Gone is the way of simply reading a book with little situational strategy. At DeepStacks University, situational learning is all a player will do. DeepStacks University has developed an extremely unique product that is way ahead of anything else out there on the market.