With all of the streaming services that exist nowadays, it should be no surprise that Hulu has become one of the leading websites for streaming content online. Perhaps it isn’t as popular as Netflix, but this is one of the oldest streaming services that has remained online despite the intense competition and the constant arrival of new platforms into the “streamingsphere.” 

Hulu has been able to withstand the test of time and has established itself as one of the best online on-demand video streaming platforms. It is one of the few places where you can watch series and movie productions from numerous top entertainment production companies. The thing with Hulu is that it only targets American and Japanese audiences, leaving the rest of the world unattended.

Using weak free public proxies from unreliable providers will most likely result in the famous “anonymous proxy” error when watching content on Hulu. To face this error head-on and access unparalleled amounts of content from this service, continue reading! 

Know More About Hulu

Hulu dates all the way back to 2007. It is, alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, one of the oldest video streaming services on the market. Most of the business belongs to The Walt Disney Company, even though Comcast’s NBCUniversal also holds a minor stake. Its inception came as a joint venture between a couple of mass media corporations and big entertainment players in the industry to aggregate and transmit many of their hit TV shows and movies online.

It wasn’t until 2010 when Hulu launched a subscription service called Hulu Plus, which featured complete seasons of TV programs and immediate access to new episodes. Over the years, it has evolved to host a variety of content from well-known producers while at the same time catering to the many user preferences out there.

As of now, the service has more than 43 million subscribers. Hulu hosts numerous on-demand TV shows, movies, premier productions, and original series. Live TV channels with sports coverage, prominent news channels, and salivating cooking shows can also be part of the package. 

Hulu’s service is not free, though. Its most basic, ad-enabled plan starts at $6.99 a month. You can liberate yourself from ads by paying $12.99 a month. Deciding to go for the most premium experience of adding Live TV to your subscription or Disney+ or ESPN+ as a bundle will cost a lot more. All in all, for these premium tiers, you’re looking at forking out anywhere between $69.99 to $75.99 a month for the whole package. Thankfully, the most basic plan offers a 30-day free trial option for you to assess if it’s worth it or not. 

Use a Proxy to Overcome Geo-Blockades

Hulu isn’t the sole owner of the content on its platform. Instead, a big umbrella of copyright holders prevents Hulu from transmitting its productions outside the US and Japan. It may be a breach of the copyright agreement, but you can use a proxy to your advantage to access this platform’s services as if you were a citizen of the US or Japan. Ideally, using a private residential SOCKS5 proxy from a trusted vendor is the way to go. 

Proxies are unique in that they can mask your IP address and make you appear to other servers as if you had a different one. Using a residential proxy address instead of one from a data center will make you look like you were a regular resident of the US or Japan. In addition, the SOCKS5 authentication mechanism will give you peace of mind, keeping your connection secure, private, and anonymous when connecting to Hulu’s services.

Final Words

Public free proxies tend to be unreliable and drop their connection when you least expect it, leaking your actual IP address to Hulu’s servers. Using a high-quality proxy is the best option to prevent this from happening and enjoy unrestricted access to Hulu’s premium on-demand content. You can check BestProxyFinder for fair comparisons on some of the best proxy providers on the market to pick one that suits your needs. If you want our recommendation, we always choose IPRoyal for their excellent customer service and wide pool of proxies available worldwide. Happy Hulu-ing, folks!