Most online casino players get the majority of their advice from reviews and the websites that provide them. While there are plenty of trustworthy resources out there, there are also sites that simply can’t be trusted. How can you tell whether to trust an online casino review or not? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry; we’re on hand to help you out.

Written By a Player for Players?

The first thing we look for in casino reviews is the tone of the review. If it has been written by someone who knows next to nothing about the casino they are reviewing, it will be a bland review, scarcely touching on any key points. Moreover, it will treat players as if they are gamblers. Good reviews will be knowledge, full of details that only someone who has played at the casino would know, and they will treat players as equals, friends, and fellow gamblers. The article won’t “convince” players to bet; it will “share information” with them.

Over Excited About Features

Any review which is filled with over-enthusiasm should be avoided. There is no such thing as a perfect online casino. Therefore, any casino that is jam-packed with superlatives probably isn’t worth your time. Pay attention to “great”, “superb”, “excellent”, “best ever” and other terms. These are usually used to push you into doing whatever it is the reviewer wants you to do. That is normally to sign up at their site, so they get paid.

Where’s the Criticism?

A good review will be balanced. This means that there should also be criticism of a casino where it is due. There shouldn’t be casino bashing unless it is deserved. However, as touched on above, no casino is perfect, so we’d expect to see at least a few criticisms in each review.

Keyword Stuffing Stands Out

Keyword stuffing is one of the clearest signs of a bad review. Written by have-a-go writers with no sense of professionalism and no morals, they see keywords shoved randomly into sentences, whether they make sense or not. Spelling, punctation and grammar go out of the window here, as you’ll find sentences such as “X Casino games 2022 can make money for you online.” Ignore all this sort of thing – they are bad reviews.

Consider the Source

Always consider the source. If you see a website claiming to offer reviews on the “best casinos” and they leave off highly reputable sites such as, it is clear that they are only trying to push the casinos which pay them – not the best casinos for you to join. This is sneaky. Just to give you an example – most people would agree that Bet365 is a world-renowned sportsbook – if it didn’t appear on a reviewer’s list of famous sportsbooks, you’d at least raise an eyebrow, right? Do the same with casino review sources.