Video gaming is something that a large percentage of the world population can say they enjoy. However, what many people are unaware of is, most of the major video games that people enjoy nowadays actually originate from Canada. Canada has some of the leading software development companies in the world, and for that very reason, gaming has evolved rather rapidly across the globe, due to the pioneering capabilities of a select few.

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Where did gaming develop from?

Canadian game development kicked off all the way back in 1983. After the publishing of some very successful video games back in the day, Evolution and B.C. Quest For Tires, Vancouver became a hot zone for gaming development. Vancouver was probably the first region and headquarters for gaming within the region of Canada. Coming from Sydney Development Corporation, this software provider really built a name for itself in the journey and process of it all.

It was the trigger of video gaming that led to the mass evolution we see today. Small steps of evolution really surged the long-term process along. A software developer known as Evolution was the next entity known for making ripples in the momentum of video games. Developing a series of mini games, the genre developed around a creature turning into a human. This release inspired more providers to come forward and really add to the hall of fame for gaming, during this period of time.

In the late 1980s, a software developer known as Distinctive Software was created, which would then go on to merge with what we know as EA (Electronic Arts), who bought them out back in 1991. Once the merger was created, EA headquartered within Canada, Vancouver, and now boasts the biggest superpower, where video games are involved. Employing over 2400 people within the area, they went on to build another headquarters in other areas of the world.

In 1997, another huge competitor came out in the open, Ubisoft. Ubisoft opened their headquarters within Quebec, and as time went on, their success triggered more gaming growth within the region, after Eidos, Warner Bros. and THQ also headquartered in the region too. With the early 2000s coming to pass, Canadian locations such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec, became the video game capitals of the world.

Where is Canadian gaming today?

Today, all the names which were developed in the late 80s and 90s, have become world renowned and boast multiple awards for their technical contributions to the field. Ubisoft for example, developed one of the most successful game series of the world, Assassin’s Creed, that has sold over 200 million units worldwide.

Other known names in the gaming industry include EA, who have developed games like FIFA, a game that has over 40 instalments, and has sold over 400 million copies all over the world. In addition to this, EA also employs the most people around the world and continuously adds to their legions, every single year. With the market opening wide-open for the fast progression and integration of the Metaverse in gaming institutions, EA already has secured the best developers and creators to harvest the potential of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. Success is most definitely brewing from EA.

In Canada, 90 percent of children own a games console, and games from the top contenders of the world. Canadians identify as gamers, as the world of fantasy, action and warfare literally stands waiting on their door. With the push of mobile gaming now too, more than ever, it is believed that all the exceptional titles coming from EA, Ubisoft, etc. will also be pushed towards mobile gaming too. The gaming industry has Canada to thank, when it comes to the forward-leading technological contributions that we have reached today.