Aerosoft launched Grand Casino Tycoon in May 2021, but its popularity has grown beyond its age. It is a casino game that might pique the curiosity of gamers all around the world. As its name suggests, Grand Casino Tycoon offers a magnificent environment that enables you to establish and manage a profitable casino that welcomes different types of gamblers.

About the game

Grand Casino Tycoon captivates players in the gaming industry and challenges them to establish and manage a profitable casino that serves a wide range of gamblers. Casinos must meet several criteria to draw customers, and they must continue to meet their customers’ needs to increase their reputation. Playing as a tycoon, you must devise a plan to influence your clients’ behavior and persuade them to keep spending their hard-earned cash so that you can make profits.

The game is affordable for as low as $17. The payment is once, which makes it different from the conventional online casino games. With this, you can have a gambling experience without spending so much. Perhaps another alternative could be a 1 Euro deposit casino where you will spend less too. However, we recommend that you read their terms and conditions before playing.

Show me the money!

The game features two modes. The first is the sandbox. The sandbox is more like a tutorial, where you can study the game interface and features to familiarize yourself. It’s more like playing a demo on other online gaming sites.

The second mode is where the actual gameplay happens. Here, you are hired as a manager of a gaming enterprise. You will construct your casino from scratch. Interestingly, you can choose various items to design the casino your players will love. Here’s what a typical process looks like:

  • Construct your casino and customize everything to your preferences.
  • Recognize your guests, appeal to their desires, and influence their choices.
  • Choose various tactics to manipulate your players and ensure that they act by your wishes.

Do these, and who knows, you can become the best casino manager in Vegas if you know how to use the various strategies at your disposal.

In the smallest detail

We all know that slot games are the most played in a casino. The developers of the Grand Casino game factored that too. They made it so that slot machines are the first things you will build at the beginning of the game. Others like poker and tables then follow them. Nevertheless, low wagering online casinos can suit everyone’s taste as they give a possibility to win much while spending little. These types of casinos give a possibility to start paying with unbelievably low deposits. More details you can find in our review.

Then, the Grand Casino Tycoon game offers a checklist of objectives in profiles and tutorials. These objectives constantly encourage and guide casino owners to add particular elements to their facilities. Unfortunately, these objectives tend to stagnate and might become tedious. In addition, small things like insufficient speakers to ensure that their favorite music fills the entire casino might annoy your clients. Or having a camera that players have to set too close to their table game is another thing that can offend them.

Casino players usually start their routine in the closest location and will move to other designated areas. This will give you an idea of how to arrange your interior. It doesn’t always work, though, and if all of the bar chairs or slots are occupied, players might move to another area to find the closest thing that’s still accessible.

Don’t overgrow. Make the most of your floor plan, and customize your casino to suit the events. To further expand your casino, try to explore cutting-edge technologies and add new gaming objects and tables.

The puzzle

Just like you would have in other tycoon games, you will need to work on money, employees, and customer management. There are different types of gamblers, such as the Posh, Compulsive, and Slot Zombie. Each has likes and dislikes, which would help you set up your casino. For example, slot gamblers will go to the bar first, and afterward, the slots. This means that to attract such players, you need to build a bar and have slots. Understanding others will give more insight into necessary things to add to your masterpiece.

Grand Casino Tycoon resembles a puzzle game more than a conventional tycoon game. However, it still combines management simulation and puzzle games in a novel way, although fans of classic tycoon games might find the subtle restrictions troubling. The gambling type system is intricate and distinctive, providing players with an engaging and frequently engrossing challenge to overcome if they want to keep satisfying customers.

Feel in Vegas

The design of the game features high-definition graphics. The game’s interface is bright, well-designed, and colorful. In addition, you have the same design that is automatically adjusted to accommodate different screen sizes. Hence, providing a gaming experience that is smoother than butter.

In the top-left corner of the screen, you can see the number of coins and trophies you have. Around that same region, you will also see notifications from your casino. Then, in the bottom-left corner of the screen, you have the build mode. This is where you can choose to add new elements to your interior. Or, if you want to modify the arrangements and other customizations, you can access it here.

Grand Casino Tycoon features

Some of the most notable features of this game are:

  • Sandbox mode
  • VIPs – special guests
  • Extensive tech tree and strategy choices
  • Gambling machines like slots, Poker, Roulette, Craps, etc.
  • Facilities such as bars, restaurants, bathrooms, cameras, and other objects
  • Intelligent system featuring emotions such as hunger, thirst, and moods.
  • Employee management
  • Money management


To end this review, we can say that this is a terrific game that lets you create a great environment using the various setups available. You can make magnificent, luxurious structures in this colorful tycoon game with special puzzle features. However, your guests’ demands can vary and occasionally be at odds. So study their habits, analyze them, and manipulate them.

The game is affordable, but it does seem like the developers still have some fixes to do. According to user reviews, the game has a significant number of bugs.