MMORPG games, short for massively multiplayer online role playing games have become soome of the most popular in the world to play. Many of these games have long histories of offering gamers the chance to create realities that become extremely satisfying to partake in, and the element of other players existing within them is what draws so many new players to these games every day. But what is it about these games, and their almost personalised imprints that have made them become so popular amongst Esports today? To understand that, one needs to understand the hype surrounding the wide and wonderful world of Esports.

Esports as a discipline began taking off in the 80s with the rise of the back then infant video game movement. Video games have always had the power to draw some of the most creative problem solvers in the world, and with more and more curious players looking to crack codes and beat bosses, came a rise in professionalism within the community.

Games like World of Warcraft, a classic MMORPG game, have been around for decades, and was one of the first games professional esports players started to show adept skill in. World of Warcraft is all about creating an avatar, or alter ego, with which you go on quests, fight monsters, work together with other players, and eventually progress your character.

Since this game is a classic within this type of video game, you can begin understanding wy exactly it’s such a hit these days amongst esports fans. For one, it’s open world, which promises an element of unpredictability which cannot be experienced with other games such as Call of Duty. For another, there’s the element of team work, which is central to Esports. Next, is the fact that player vs. players battles are so popular.

There is an element to battling players that exist within the same virtual reality, that makes MMORPG games so popular. Betting sites listed on reputable bookmaker comparison website all offer odds for the outcomes of World of WarCraft Esports match ups, but the coverage does not stop there. World of WarCraft Esports events are some of the most marketed events in Esports, which is what brings in more and more fans on a daily basis.

While games like DOTA, LoL, and CS:GO all get a lot of attention within the Esports world, the unpredictability, personalisation, an open world aspects are what make MMORPG games standd out withing the world of Esports. Very few other game types can boast as many different themes to be constantly concious of. Games like CS:GO have are semi one dimensional in the way that maps are set, there are two sides, and the objective is very clear. Games like DOTA and LoL have a bit more going on, but here again, the battle arena aspect of the game diminishes the different possible outcomes, which is why more and more people are having a growing interest in MMORPG games.

The hype surrouning MMORPG games is largely due to the amount of outcomes players, both amateur and professional can cause. There are so many different things that can happen in these games, but the teamwork aspect, open world aspect, and character development can heavily influence the player vs. players battles, which is why MMORPG games are among the most popular.