Everyone is talking about how the Metaverse will make online platforms thrive in the coming future. Being at the forefront of technology, for a very long time, betting has become an experience that has constantly gotten better and evolved. So, why would the concept of the Metaverse be any different? Now, multiple betting platforms are looking to partner with tech-forward companies who are jumping on the bandwagon of the Metaverse technology; all in hopes of elevating the user experience that comes with tapping into the Metaverse. Many are intrigued by the idea of combining the Metaverse into sports betting and gambling in general. The question is, will it actually become better?

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What is the Metaverse?

Before jumping into the deep end of how the Metaverse can make betting better, it is important to understand what the Metaverse actually is. The Metaverse is the completion of day-to-day tasks, gaming, and virtual attendance, all done in real time, over the metaphysical online presence. The Metaverse is making many people excited as it is a global operation. Meaning from a business perspective, the potential that can be manifested is exponential.

Can the Metaverse cure the loneliness of online bettors?

Businesses in the gambling sector have already begun to invest in multiple online gambling projects, with the Likes of NFT tokens, that run on multiple cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. These incentives have already been integrated into predominant gambling bases like Ladbrokes, Coral Bet and so on, meaning the gambling space on the Metaverse is about to get a whole lot more immersive.

Because the Metaverse has become an entirely social concept, online gambling should continue to fit into the new boundaries of the Metaverse, as ultimately it consists of a huge, larger online community. The first step of holding digital assets in the Metaverse, could bode well in integrating as many gamblers as possible. Incentives like owning an NFT virtual horse for example, has really brought together multiple sports bettors from all over the world, despite this concept currently only existing within Australian betting establishments, for now. Further mass adoption still remains an issue.

How will sports betting evolve in the Metaverse?

With The Metaverse encouraging gamblers to attend large online events and coverage tournaments, it would make a lot of sense for gamblers to adopt the Metaverse quicker, if all online sports betting is held on the Metaverse to some degree. With global lockdowns causing sports betting to truly lose great degrees of revenue, this technology would have been a welcomed saviour if it was available at the time. It is imperative that sports betting must evolve if it wishes to continue to thrive and accommodate day-to-day trends. The Metaverse could ensure that sports betting stays relevant, and always relative in case of attendance and viewership, whether that be in person or purely online.

While the Metaverse could take away the need for online gamblers having to be in the same space as one another, this opens up the huge debate of how online betting will evolve towards the Metaverse, which is going to be a lonely one. The Metaverse will for sure build a large retention and focus span, in terms of fans and loyalty, but in turn this will encourage less and less interaction within sports. It could even push away traditions where families for example, would usually attend sports finals together, and use it as a moment to bond. That concept is pretty much going to be a thing of the past as technology proceeds. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that human interaction can be minimised for digital spaces, but at the cost of mental and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, something has to give really, for the forward developments of the sports betting world. The plunge further into the digital realm will online create further and richer experiences, but the cost of human interaction was always a lingering possible threat. It is inevitable.