Since their introduction, video games have brought about several positive changes in the world. They had basic, blocky visuals and gameplay that was only in two dimensions. If you wanted to play a game, you needed to have a whole separate computer system or gaming console. If you didn’t have either of those things, you had to travel to a local arcade or youth club to play a machine version of a game, however, nowadays, there are millions of people playing traditional games like blackjack, roulette, poker etc on various online gaming sites, is a good example of an online platform where gamers have the possible chance to win money.

Furthermore, the reason why so many people play video games at home on specialised computers or cutting-edge consoles is not because it is the only choice available to them but rather because of the higher level of entertainment they provide. Nevertheless, in this article, we will be exploring what technological advancements have impacted the gaming industry.

Mobile Phones Have Changed the World of Gaming

The process of change has been an ongoing development, with greater computer processing and chip shrinking being significant drivers in this progression. This progression has been brought about by a variety of factors. A gamer from the early 1990s would be astounded to learn that it is possible to play games on the move without the need for a specialised portable console and that your phone is capable of doing more than just sending and receiving texts. Along the way, it was innovative technology that sparked a revolution and put the ability to process information in the palms of our hands.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Gamers were among the first individuals to see the potential of virtual reality, but it has only been in the recent past that technology has begun to live up to the boasts made decades ago. If Cloud VR becomes a reality, then in the not-too-distant future, visually rich and completely immersive experiences may be provided via stand-alone headsets that are smaller. It has been speculated for a significant amount of time that Apple would launch a virtual reality headgear that will have the same kind of influence on the mobile gaming industry as the iPhone did.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming can be accessible from any location and it is no longer necessary to regularly upgrade one’s hardware in order to play the most recent games since cloud gaming is always up to date. The most significant competitors in the market distribute their games through subscription services that are hosted in the cloud. This covers both Sony and Microsoft, as well as Google. Due to the nature of this company’s business model, it is not necessary for players to continually update the most recent version of their consoles and personal computers, which may be costly and consume a lot of power.

5G Technology

This new method of accessing games will become available to an increasing number of people as the spread of 5G and very fast fibre internet and cable continues. While this does not necessarily imply that specialised home gaming systems will go extinct, it is probable that more money and efforts will be devoted into allowing streaming and cloud-based futures in the industry.