There has long been gambling online, with casino gaming making up a huge portion of the total hours played. Thus, the matter of deposits and withdrawals is an important one. Arguably, other than the gameplay aspect – the ease and speed of placing and then removing funds from account balances is the single largest factor which influences perception of the playing experience. If this aspect lacks transparency, consistency and trust – there is little to no hope of long term success for the brand.

With this in mind, we’ve briefly taken the time to explore some recent advances in the options available in the casino payment space and the options associated with different kinds of casinos. Furthermore, you can review online casinos with fast payouts for some additional help.


If you’re not aware of the meteoric rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies in at least some form – you must have been living under a rock. Their reach of capabilities and applications is ever growing. CCs give greater independence from typical payment institutions and all of their limitations and this has been embraced by casinos. As a high tech form of currency, there is a definite synergy between those who own cryptocurrencies and those who choose to gamble online. There are now plenty which accept deposits straight from crypto wallets (hard and soft), with increased speed in withdrawal time a major benefit. There are still Anti Money Laundering measures which apply to crypto funds so the anonymity aspect isnt something which poses quite as large a benefit as it might have done. However, it’s still a popular way to fund betting accounts. The most popular coins are Bitcoin and Litecoin, others are rising in popularity as time goes on.

Faster Withdrawals

Many bookmakers (and casino providers) now allow withdrawals to debit cards and associated accounts (including eWallets such as Paypal) within minutes. This instant fund movement much like a wire transfer means that winnings can be directly deposited into your current account balance with ultimate ease. It seems like a no-brainer to say that this increases the trust between players and operators. If you are able to enable this sort of platform as a new brand, it can only work in your favour in building this sort of beneficial relationship and this, in turn, will boost the long term chances of profitability.

Credit Cards

One legislation led change in recent times has been the removal of credit cards as an option for gaming deposits in the UK. This came about after substantial political pressure and was following the trend which has been demonstrated in other gambling legal states, particularly within the EU. The change has been heralded as a positive anti problem gambling step and as such, welcome with pretty much widespread approval.

Other Digital Wallets

We touched briefly upon the use of Paypal as an eWallet payment alternative. Most reputable casino providers allow the use of brands like Paypal & Skrill. More recently there has been the incorporation of Apple / Samsung / Google play. This opens up the ease of payments to all smartphone users who have the features enabled on their mobile devices. The benefits of this are twofold. Firstly, all it takes is a double tap to easily and quickly transfer funds via a deposit function to an account balance. Secondly, all of these features are security protected at source via face identification, fingerprint identification or password / PIN code. This means no accidental deposits as it has to be you (or someone authorised to know the relevant access details) to trigger the deposit option!