One of the significant concerns of bettors is how to find a way to maximise their bets. Moreover, they also worry about getting the highest odds on the best sports betting sites in Nigeria and how to rip all the benefits associated with their wager.

Bet builders allow the punters to create a combination of bets that suit their particular selection. First, however, this article will help you fully understand the techniques of bet builders.

About Bet Builders

A bet builder is a system of betting used to merge a variety of bets into a single game or an Acca (accumulator).

It involves creating a parlay from several selections in a single event’s markets. Moreover, this system offers suggestions for bets that you can add to your accumulator. Furthermore, it also tells you the one you should not count.

Most top bookmakers provide bet builders. However, some of them call it something different. In most countries, these selections are always available for most soccer games.

Additionally, they provide bettors with higher odds than single bets. For Instance, there is a match between Real Madrid and Inter Milan; you can therefore select Real Madrid to win and score over 2.5.

Bet builders are almost the same thing as accumulators, but your attention is on a single event this time. Moreover, You cannot select a bet builder for two different matches. Instead, it must be a single game, and the selection must not contradict each other—for example, a football match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

You place a selection for Man U to win. Then, using a bet builder, you can no longer play a correct scoreline of, say, 3-1 as that contradicts the selection of Manchester United winning the game.

How To Use Bet Builders

We have seen that a bet builder offers you the opportunity to merge about six different sets of selections like match results, corner totals, over/under picks, cards total, and player to score.

Moreover, we have also clarified that you cannot build a bet with a contradictory selection. Whatever the case is, you could discern that bet builders will increase your chances of winning.

Bet Builder Skills and Strategies

At first, using a bet builder might seem tasking and proof difficult. However, you can become a master bet builder in no time with the necessary efforts. Here are some of the techniques you can use to build bet in an effective way

Low-Variance Overs

While using a bet builder, some over-market might seem to have better odds than the regular selection. First, however, you must avoid these markets.

Low-variance offers are selected odds that have a low payout in an event. Rather than aiming for large over odds, choose realistic or small multiple odds, which is a more reasonable way of winning on any sportsbook. Low variance odds might not give you massive cash out at first, but it allows you to profit from online betting platforms in the long run.

Winning Underdogs

Today, most bettors are used to betting on the better team to win the game. However, you need to go all out and place multiple bets on the less likely team to win. Thereby, you will have better odds, and you won’t have to play so many games.

Yellow Card Bets

A yellow card in football is a warning or caution signal to the player involved in a wrong act. Moreover, a yellow card always affects the game’s tempo as the player in question is now very careful, and he doesn’t commit too much or make another terrible mistake. Consequently, it is always an advantage to the opposing team.

To place bets on the yellow cards, you can pick the number of yellow cards in the event. Additionally, you can choose the player to be carded, the team to get the most yellow or how many yellow cards there will be in different halves.

Make Sure the Odds are Realistic

Oddsmakers create odds based on the stats and current news of the team. Therefore, gamblers can not always trust the odds. In that case, before placing any bet, ensure the odds are realistic enough by doing research.

Bet Builders Pros and Cons

Using a bet builder has both advantages and disadvantages. However, you could discern some of its many gifts from the information we have provided so far. Therefore, consider both the benefits and detriments of using a bet builder on an online sportsbook below:


You can make personal decisions about the bets you want to merge as long as they do not contradict each other.

You will get higher odds with bet builders Since you merge multiple bets of varying betting markets. Moreover, this, in turn, leads to winning a massive amount of money from the betting platforms.

You can place a bet on the two teams. So, for example, if you initially wager on Chelsea football club to win against its London rival – Spurs, you can also add the selection of spurs scoring a certain number of goals. Once you master how the bet builder works, you will enjoy sports betting in a total sense.


There are limitations of wagers when using the bet builder option. Unfortunately, sportsbooks discouraged many high rollers from using this grand strategy.

However, only those who stake a minimum amount of money on the platform are interested in bet builders. Moreover, if you love to gamble high, consider playing a parlay bet.

The Bet builder is a risky strategy. For example, if you place a team to win, you cannot specifically pick who will score or the number of cards in the game. Therefore you might end up losing the bets due to too many selections. Moreover, the fact that many selections sometimes decrease the bet value.

The Bet builder is only for a few games. Majorly, the sportsbook focuses on games involving teams like football, rugby and basketball. Unfortunately, there are no bet builder options for most individual games.