Nowadays, many youngsters are interested in exploring different games. They look for new titles to enjoy and relax. One such game is Forza Horizon, available in the GAMIVO store. It comes with a notification bar, display, and controller settings that will allow you to set the preference. After that, you can proceed to the start button and play. 

Forza Horizon 5 has different features which you will enjoy while playing. It has smashed through the seven million player mark, which shows that it is one of the most successful titles. While many of them are looking for the massive Mexico map, several other hidden locations, and myriad ways, bonuses are available to explore. In this article, you can explore many things by getting the racing title. 


You will like the simulation steering over standard, assisted, or auto-steering. If you need stability assistance or traction, the extra control feature will be helpful. The steering is smooth, and you won’t find it difficult to use while playing the game. 

Traction Control 

If it is turned off, remember that you have to switch the traction control on while driving high-torque supercars. Traction helps to control the wheel’s spinning, and it is important while racing with higher acceleration. So, switching this tab on is essential when you are driving. 

Damage And Tier Wear

No XP gain is there from simulation damage or Cosmetic only. You will only receive a trashed-looking car, making the gaming journey more fun. It’s because you do not have to worry about banging the car anywhere. Also, you can set the option to none to avoid dinging up the car. But still, your vehicle might get dirty. Who loves to have a visually looking car while rallying. There is a reset button to remove the dirt and grime if you want. It is done by opening the photo mode by clicking the left bumper and accepting the prompt through reset cosmetic damage. 


No XP gain button is available to help you leave this assist off. You can set it to on mode as it comes in handy when trying to do a stunt or jump which needs repeated attempts. It can also be used when you have missed a checkpoint. Rewind is useful while you wish to go back and want to revisit the moment to enjoy a beauty screenshot. 

Advanced Control: Acceleration Axis and Steering Axis

Acceleration Axis and Steering Axis will help in fine-tuning your gamepad handling. It is suitable for traction control and stability. For that, you have to follow the instructions shown on the screen. For steering, you have to decrease the steering axis inside and increase the steering axis dead zone inside. With that, you will get a stick that can control the car’s stability and does not overreact to slight nudges. 

What Does Traction Indicate?

Traction indicates that the Acceleration Axis Inside should be increased, and the Acceleration Outside should be reduced. With that, it does not need to change for over five to ten clicks in any of the directions. If required, you have the flexibility to adjust the deceleration axis outside and inside. However, they must use the braking set to anti-lock on while doing so. It is available on the menu button. 

Video: Graphics Mode

This mode needs to be set to performance mode and prioritizes 60 frames every second performance over resolution. It has a better frame rate, which will help understand and feel the car’s responsiveness. It helps in tuning the setup of the vehicle and output. It is suitable for a good-handling ride and is available at no extra cost. Also, the visuals of Forza Horizon 5 is another parameter that players love. 

Wrapping Up 

While playing this game, players can change the settings by proceeding to the start button. After that, they can use the setting button to proceed to the campaign tab in the main menu. While playing this game, you won’t face any bugs, and gamers will definitely enjoy it. Now they can proceed to the top online store and look for the game. It is available at a reasonable price, so they can buy the game today.